Latest in Paleo Episode 75

A new podcast is out: Angelo Coppola and I talk about traditional versus modern diets, weekly versus daily variability in nutrition, the importance of circadian rhythms, the new Perfect Health Retreat in Austin, TX, the real-world results of people applying the Perfect Health Diet approach, and more.

Check it out at Latest in Paleo Episode 75: Perfect Health Diet with Paul Jaminet.

  1. This is a great interview, I am amazed at how I can keep learning from you on an ongoing basis!

  2. This podcast is really informative. Thank you for this! Indeed health is very important and it can be achieved by proper diet and lifestyle. The interview talks about the differences in the various time frames of diet such as the traditional and the modern ones. Your comparisons help a lot in determining the pros and cons of such styles.

  3. Hi Paul.

    Great interview!!! Your delivery of your ideas has really accelerated over the last 24 months!!

    Due to work I get up at 4 am to workout in the gym at 4.30am . I was disheartened to hear this could be hurting my health! I go to bed early to get 8 hours sleep… Hope that helps my situation.

    I was also interested to hear your thoughts that exercise is best in the afternoon, even the late afternoon. I thought that hunter-gatherers get most movement in the morning hours while they’re out hunting, etc. any thoughts?



    • Hi John,

      That’s a good question about the 4 am workout. At least you are getting a good night’s sleep so your circadian rhythms are phase-shifted, that might be like a 7 or 8 am workout for someone else.

      The workout will still enhance fitness and it is an open question which is most important for health, some fitness or circadian rhythm entrainment.

      The exercise timing issue probably deserves a blog post.

      • Yes, I think I’ll just trust that the early morning exercise is doing me more good than harm. 🙂

      • I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts on why exercise is best done in the afternoon opposed to 9-11 a.m.!

  4. This is a great one! I loved the comparisons of styles as well as the pros and cons. I am particularly fond of the emphasis on sleep! Thank you so much.

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