Podcast with Aaron Olson of PaleoRunner

I had the pleasure of doing a podcast with Aaron Olson of PaleoRunner. We got to discuss a number of interesting topics from the use of ketogenic diets by athletes to the nature of my home workspace and my opinion of standing desks. Here it is:

  1. Paul, I enjoy how you carefully analyze the costs and benefits of various ways of eating and lifestyle modifications. I recently switched over to a standing desk and was surprised when you said that standing all day may actually be worse than sitting! I have since implemented a bar stool so that I have the option to sit or stand when at my desktop computer.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Great interview! I was wondering which light box do you use? Aren’t you concerned about research indicating that blue light causes retinal damage?

    • Hi Erik,

      Good question. I wasn’t familiar with the retinal damage issue when I bought it. I think it is a valid concern but I haven’t reached a conclusion about how serious it is. I think it leads toward using natural light with both red and blue, since red counteracts the blue light effect.

  3. Thanks for your reply, Paul. As you say, it is hard to determine how serious the damaging effect of blue light is. Based on these findings however I’ve decided to use a light box which produces mostly blue light but combines it with some other colors to produce a white light which closes down your iris enough to prevent retinal damage. At least that’s the theory. But retinal damage or not, it has definitely greatly improved my circadian rhythms and cured my onset insomnia.

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