Ben Greenfield at the Perfect Health Retreat

When we first announced the Perfect Health Retreat program, I said that I would like to involve the larger Paleo/Primal/ancestral health community in our retreats. It’s great for Retreat participants to hear a diversity of ancestral viewpoints; and we see the Retreats as a resource for the entire ancestral health community.

The Retreats are dedicated to improving the health of participants; but indirectly, they also have a scientific purpose: to demonstrate the tremendous health benefits that an ancestral diet and lifestyle can bring. We hope our results – and so far, every participant has seen significant health improvements – will extend the credibility and reach of the ancestral health movement.

One of the first community figures to take us up on our offer to participate in Perfect Health Retreats was Ben Greenfield of Ben Greenfield Fitness. Ben is a triathlete, personal trainer, and health coach. Ben is planning to come out to Austin March 3-6 next year and interact directly with Retreat participants. Earlier this month, we did a trial run: Ben spoke to our October Retreat participants via Skype, and recorded the talk.

Ben has now published that video. His topic was “Three Pillars of Fat Loss.” Every once in a while I threw in some comments, or one of our Retreat participants asked a question. Here is Ben’s talk:


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  1. sounds awesome! Good to see more things like this gaining popularity and momentum!

  2. The crackling, tinny sound is just painful to listen to. I do hope he will clean up the sound – I can’t get past the first few minutes as the sound quality is just too irritating. It literally gives me a headache. Sorry.

  3. Sorry I know this question is off topic but I am currently reading your book and i am still not sure whether therapeutic ketogenic diets for neurological conditions are something that needs to be maintained indefinitely or the person can return to your standard PHD diet when symptoms improve?

    Many thanks in advance,

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  5. I have followed your diet advice for almost a year now. Within the first 5 months I lost 50 lbs and have kept it off, which is great and better than anything I have ever done before. I also had a bunch of health issues I had been dealing wth for years resolve themselves. However, for the last seven months I have been within 5 lbs of 225. At times I let myself eat some stuff that isn’t on the diet and get up to 230. Other times, I decided I want to weight less and will get down to about 215-220 from purposely restricting calories. When I go back to the diet and eating until full, I go right back to 225. I still have a fair amount of fat and would like to loss more. Have you seen this situation before? And what do you recommend?

    • Hi Tate,

      Yes, this is a common situation. Obesity is an immune/inflammatory condition and you have to address gut flora and reduce gut inflammation to lose more weight. Vitamin A, vitamin D, collagen, vitamin c, zinc, iodine are important nutrients; circadian rhythm entrainment (see Chap 42); don’t intentionally restrict calories but do optimize nutrition to minimize calorie intake (Chap 17); intermittent fasting; daily exercise; fermented foods for probiotic flora; if tolerated, gradually increase healthy fibers (resistant starch, vegetables).

  6. Paul,
    Thank you for the quick response! I am doing most of what you listed, but I do need to focus on optimizing my nutrition better as per chapter 17 and more fermented foods. Of all the supplements you listed, I am taking all of them except for vitamin A. My understanding was you didn’t recommend taking vitamin A as a supplement? I do eat liver about once a week. I am absolutely ecstatic with the progress I have already made, I just would like to get rid of the last twenty pounds or so. Thank you again.


  7. Hi Paul, thanks for posting this. I guess I should say for my “experience” on the diet – I found, as you say in this video, that “because of personal conditions some people are not quite ready to fast” – this was me. I kept trying to do the fasting and at the end of the day, before the final meal, I felt so fatigued. From your experience with the perfect health retreat, what percentage of patients come in unable to do an 8 hour fast right away because of adrenal issues/sleep issues, etc.?

    Thanks for what you guys are doing.

  8. I have been reading your site for a while and never really been up to this fasting, but followed the description and as LJ stated, I have the fatigue problem also because don’t know if I simply do to much physical during the day or my body just need time to adapt

  9. Hi!

    I have a question about glucose and the brain, which Paul mentions in this podcast. I heard that if you are 50 or older (I’m almost 54) that you have a greatly reduced ability to extract glucose from the bloodstream into the brain, which leads to higher blood sugar and higher insulin levels which hurt the brain even more.

    Can anyone provide a link to more information about this? I’m currently having some very distressing neuromuscular symptoms (over all weakness/jitteriness/occasional numbness in my feet, etc…)

    Just a few days ago, I cleaned out my fridge and cabinets and am gearing toward the goal of no grains/legumes/dairy/sugar. I found fructose in the Cal/Mag Citrate that I take daily – 2 tablespoons. Plus I can’t afford the grass fed meats just yet as I have missed 3 weeks of work and am very behind on monthly bills.

    I’ve already noticed I have greatly reduced heartburn and have not needed to take Lansoprazole (proton pump inhibitor) for two days now! YAY!

    Any advice? Thanks!


  10. Hey Paul,

    Great article. I have the book and I love it. I’m not sure what’s left for this guy to eat. And that’s awesome about Ben greenfield.

    I was thinking lately. I know you recommend one tbs of red palm oil a week, but could a person eat it more regularly or would the high vitamin A carotenes off balance the a,d, k ratio. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  11. Sounds good Paul! I will see you there! Look forward to having you on the podcast again soon..

    Take care

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