My Podcast with Aaron Olson

Aaron Olson of PaleoRunner has put our recent podcast on Youtube. In case you missed it, here it is:

  1. Enjoyed this.

  2. Just when we thought we’d covered it all, Paul introduces yet more background and perspective. Excellent interview, especially interesting for athletes. Great questions from Aaron Olson. The learning never ends… hunger may go away, but curiosity about the human body? Never!

    Keep up the great interviews, especially while fasting!
    Peggy and Herb Mandell

  3. Always great talking with you Paul. You’re welcome to come back on the show anytime! I’ve been working on uploading all of my early podcasts to YouTube, and you were my first guest. Still gets the most hits to date.

  4. Congrats!

    On a side note, you seem to recommend ox bile for problems with fat digestion and constipation. Most studies I see online show evidence that bile acids actually inhibit smal intestinal and colonic motility. Wouldn’t this be contradictory and opposing what you say it accomplishes. Is there some other mechanism by which it relives constipation independent of motility. I tend towards sluggish bowels and can’t digest a lot of fat very well, it just significantly slows down my gi system and I am worried the ox bile will make it worse?

  5. Genuine scientists always admit to considerable uncertainty and vast unknowns. Scientists are still unravelling how cells work.

    best wishes,

  6. Dear Paul,

    in the interview, you were mentioning the ‘universal’ fact that on a higher fat diet the triglycerides go down. What does it mean in relation to lipid metabolism when that doesn’t happen, the reduction is not that important, even on a ‘bad’ diet the trigs are still low? Is it to do with apo E type?

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