Our New Paperback Edition, Audio Book Sale, and Simply Human Podcast

I’ve very pleased to announce the release of our new paperback edition!

It is enlarged, with 55 new recipes added to the Meal Plans chapter. Here is the Amazon page.

Tantor Audio Book Sale

Tantor, the producer of our audio book edition, is currently offering the audio book edition of Perfect Health Diet at half-price as part of its holiday sale. For a limited time, you can download the audio book for just $11.

Alternatively, Audible.com will give you the audio version free with a trial membership.

Simply Human Podcast with Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers, a triathlete and marathoner and ancestral living enthusiast, is the creator of the Simply Human Podcast (on iTunes here). He interviewed me recently, and we talked about he Perfect Health Diet, dining out strategies, foods you aren’t eating but should be, why your doctor and vet should talk to each other, the causes of yoyo dieting, and the importance of circadian rhythm entrainment. Check it out!

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  1. Hi Paul, can the recipes that have been added to the paperback edition be found anywhere else, or must we buy the paperback to get them? Also, do you happen to know if the Kindle edition will be updated with the new content?

    • Hi Jason,

      Currently they’re not available elsewhere, except that many have appeared on this blog; but they will probably all be in our cookbook, plus many other recipes, when that comes out.

      And yes, the kindle edition has been updated to the content of the paperback edition (that is, the North American kindle edition; not the Australian or UK editions).

  2. Thanks for the post, Jason!

  3. I love the expanded Meal Planning chapter. Super practical. This is going to be a game-changer for some of the families/friends we share the book with.

  4. Paul. Congrats on the new book. I have two questions for you…

    1. Outside of symptoms, is there a sure fire way to diagnose a brain infection? Blood testing, bio markers, etc?

    2. Also, if one concludes they do indeed have a brain infection, how would you recommend someone identify which antibiotic would work best to target?

    Thanks, and again congrats.

  5. wow, great, in time for christmas! Even though we already have 3 copies in my family, I might order this one too.

  6. Peter Silcverman

    In your podcast with Mark Rogers you said that the countries with the longest life
    expectancy are the rice eating ones. It looks to me like Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Iceland, and Spain are tied at 82.

    • Yes, some European countries do well too. Japan is the longest lived country in the world according to WHO data, and the other Asian countries outlive North American and European countries at similar GDP per capita.

      • Peter Silcverman

        Reading Denise Minger’s new book made me wonder if rice and a low fat diet as in Asian cultures might be good, but rice and a high fat diet might not.

  7. Paul, did you see this relatively new TED Talk on the energy needs of the human brain?


    Made me think of PHD.

  8. I kind of thought the new recipes would have the measured amounts of each ingredient with cooking time and so on.

  9. Hello,
    i recently read your book for the first time and am confused about the carb ratios. 400 calories from safe starches seems simple enough. But then, there’s the 25 grams of fructose…an apple and a banana, for example, have about 15 grams of fructose according to some charts I found. They also have about 50 grams of total carbs, though, which is 200 calories and brings you up to a total of 600 calories already, without even hitting 25 grams of fructose (or considering any incidental carbs from veggies, nuts or chocolate). What am I missing?

  10. Greetings Paul, I just purchased your book on Audible.com and very much looking forward to reading it. In my past experience with Audible, non of the books come with supplemental information such as charts, graphs, etc (one can’t read). I am not sure if the same would apply to reading recipes. I want be able to try some of your recipes and not sure if Audio version of the book will allow me to do so. Can you please advise? Thank you!

    • Hi Art,

      Recipes were added to the Dec 2013 paperback edition and I don’t believe the Audible edition was updated to reflect that. However, you can get most of the recipes, with a lot more details and pictures, here: http://perfecthealthdiet.com/recipes/

      Good comment about the charts and graphs, it’s true, you can’t speak a chart. It really should be a multimedia version with charts or scrolling text.

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