Paleo Magazine Radio Interviews Russ Crandall, Whitney Ross Gray, and Me

Tony Federico and Paleo Magazine Radio have put together a great podcast.

In Episode 30, Tony interviews Russ Crandall, creator of The Domestic Man blog, about his new PHD-based cookbook, The Ancestral Table; and Whitney Ross Gray and me about the Perfect Health Retreat.

I was honored to be the first repeat guest on Paleo Magazine Radio, having previously appeared on Episode 3.

Check out Episode 30: The Domestic Man and His Ancestral Table and Paul Jaminet PhD and The Perfect Health Retreat.

  1. Thanks for the podcast very nice.

    you said ” So diabetics can basically be poisoned two ways: by too
    much glucose, that’s called glucotoxicity; or too much free fatty acids, that’s
    called lipotoxicity. Or they can have too many ketones, that’s called
    ketoacidosis.” So is it 2 or 3 ways? and is this only, when loosing wight rapidly?

  2. The Retreat sounds delightful, but I have to ask, would the fasting be a good thing for someone with Hashimoto’s or adrenal issues?

    • Hi Kathy,

      Generally, yes. It is curative for Hashimoto’s and generally helps with adrenal issues too, but in adrenal dysfunction you need to be careful. If you are able to listen to your body and recognize when it is stressed, then I would suggest doing IF but whenever you feel stressed, eat a small amount of protein and salt, and then some potassium-containing carbs. E.g. a boiled egg with salt, then if the stress persists, a banana, then another egg or leftover meat with salt. You don’t need a full meal to relieve adrenal stress.

    • I think exercise helps too.

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