My Appearance on Smash the Fat

Sam Feltham interviewed me for his UK-based online show, Smash the Fat:

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  1. Good interview, but feeling restless, Paul?

    • I’ve always been restless, I don’t like to stand still. Also my balance has been poor ever since those early childhood ear infections, so if I wanted to stand still, I probably couldn’t. I know it annoys people watching me on video but it’s hard not to move and sway.

      • Lots of people move around, helps me stand, as sometimes feels like circ is reducing, so wiggle feet or body. Did see a how to reduce vertigo/ dizzy on you tube, (2 diff ways).
        They both helped me.
        Am thinking 1 genetics also effect how they need to eat.

  2. My eczema problems have been reduced since I started consuming olive oil. Is it possible I need more omega-6?

    For the past three years, I’ve exclusively used grass-fed lard and coconut fats; I’ve eaten plenty of seafood and have only occasionally eaten chicken or pork; but I’ve had persistent problems with dry and cracked skin.

  3. From the New Oxford American Dictionary:

    “kind of”— informal: rather; to some extent (often expressing vagueness or used as a meaningless filler): “it got kind of cozy.”

  4. Art Konstantino

    I have had problems with STARCHES and SUGAR of all sorts for over 30 years. I always thought that since it was a whole and natural food it must be good for me. When I developed all the eczema, all my skin started splitting and bleeding. It was a horrible mess. I developed puss filled sores. It was very painful. The starches were organic. The sugars were organic. I felt like I was dying. This year I eliminated ALL STARCHES and HEALTHY SUGARS and everything started to clear up. Please consider your starch and sugar allergies as a cause. Good luck. Art

    • Hi Art,

      This sounds like an infection rather than an allergy – probably bacterial.

      Eczema indicates a high level of immune activity and oxidative stress.

      Best, Paul

      • Well, perhaps my dry skin has been a by-product of too much exercise. My increased intake of olive oil (and omega-6) has coincided with a decrease in the frequency and intensity of physical activity.

  5. Dear Dr. Jaminet:

    Thank you for all your’s and your wife’s work–amazing.

    I am conflicted between the info. on pg. 349, of needing to avoid (both?) “glucose deficiency and ketosis … in many infections, especially fungal”, as opposed to the recommendations for fasting on pg. 359, and the autophagy-promoting ketosis as a reducer or killer of infections.

    My daughter (nearing 13) still has (mild?) strep after much, much improvement. Would like to finally, after years, finish it off. For her, the autophagy (via intermittent fasting with fasting acceptable “snacks”) would be indicated for a period of time, right, if we deemed it acceptable and safe at her age? If so, then would I need to make sure that she was getting 400ish calories of safe starch, for glucose during the 8 eating hours?–and let ketosis happen?

    For myself, I am pretty sure of a fungal infection (very sore heels, some knee and leg pain and a little joint pain, did have a very itchy head, a little tremor and tingling, fatigue, possible thyroid issues, so am now unsure of whether or not I should intermittent fast–although I would like to and find it very tolerable. But avoidance of ketosis (back to pg. 349) is unavoidable while IFing, isn’t it? Avoidance of deficiency of glucose is do-able during the 8-hour feeding time, but then you wouldn’t be getting it during the other 16.

    I thank you very kindly in advance.


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