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Whitney Ross Gray and I appear on today’s Paleo Solution Podcast, talking about the Perfect Health Retreats with Robb Wolf. Robb is a terrific host and a fun conversation partner, so this is a conversation worth listening to!

If the Retreats sound interesting, please contact us. We’re taking reservations now. We predict you’ll find the Perfect Health Retreat among the most educational and enjoyable times of your life. Our contact info:


  1. Another great podcast, Paul.

    I was particularly interested in your brief comments on the weaknesses of the current state of medical care philosophy. I’m watching my father die of AML (which is likely the result of the radiation treatment he received for prostate cancer about 8 years ago). He just went through a second round of unsuccessful chemo at a major cancer hospital in Baltimore. There have been a lot of ups and downs along the way (all down at this point) and the one theme that struck me throughout the process is that despite the fancy equipment, drugs, and procedures, we really have no clue how to effectively treat cancer. There is a lot of hand waiving with little answers. At bottom, we carpet bomb the body and hope that more bad cells die than good ones. The treatments are barbarism wrapped in a cloak of sophistication. I’ve also seen first hand the ridiculous bureaucracy that is big medicine at a big hospital.

    In any event, if you ever find the time, know that I am one that would appreciate your thoughts about functional medicine, what’s wrong with the current state of affairs, and what we can do as consumers in this system – other than of course follow PHD which is quite simply the clearest recitation of how to achieve your best health.

    Thanks for all you do. You should understand the gratitude you actually hear is probably only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.



  2. Will the free weight loss ebook still come out?

      • Peggy Mandell

        Hi, EF. So sorry about your Dad. Speaking of other ways to treat cancer, I was recently checking out of my local supermarket with three packages of oxtail. The cashier said to me, “Making soup?” When I said yes she said in her other job she works with cancer patients and urges them to eat bone broth every day, especially to recover from the chemo. So maybe not the highly compensated medical profession, but my low-wage supermarket cashier is on the right path. Her final suggestion was: “Put escarole in the soup.”

        Paul, too bad Robb Wolf didn’t get his fill of “nerdy talk” this time. You guys were just WAY TOO PLEBIAN….bringing PHD to the unwashed masses. Of course, this is how to change the world.

  3. I enjoyed listening to this and was glad to hear you mention that you include the work of Esther Gokhale in the retreat program. I have found her work very helpful I was amazed to see that from simply following the walking directions in her book a bunion that had been developing and become increasingly painful was completely resolved

  4. It was so great to finally hear you on Robb’s podcast!

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