New Podcast: Living the PHD Life at PaleoRunner

Aaron Olson of Paleorunner and I have done a new podcast, discussing how to put PHD into practice. We cover circadian rhythm entrainment, general food guidelines, exercise recommendations and how to make the Perfect Health lifestyle work, even with a busy lifestyle. Here it is on Youtube:

  1. Another excellent review of important lifestyle guidelines, with a great hat tip to bone broth! Also, a beautiful window on new parents sharing their child care responsibilities while balancing work, cooking and exercise. Once again, you’ve proven it can be done!

  2. Always great talking with you Paul!

    • Thanks so much for this podcast Aaron and Paul. They are the questions that I want to ask but never do. I’ve been doing this diet for 2 years and while I love it, there are so many elements to incorporate it’s really great to hear about implementing it on a day to day basis.
      Looking forward to the cookbook Paul and Shou-Ching!

  3. Three Pipe Problem

    He asked about freezing stock. To do this you need to make sure you use jars that say they are freezer safe — which includes the Ball wide mouth pint jars but excludes regular mouth pint jars — and keep it under the thin freezer fill line etched near the top. The reason the regular mouth jars don’t work is the rounded top… they will crack unless you keep the liquid *far* away from the beginning of the neck. Any rounding on the bottom of a jar would disqualify it entirely.

  4. Three Pipe Problem

    I should qualify, the Balls jars don’t say they are freezer safe right on them, you have to look at the chart on the website or packaging.

    Also “pre-preparing” lol.

  5. Another great podcast Paul. I was wondering if you can do a future podcast on low carb alcoholic drinks. There are a lot of myths out there that I was hoping you could demystify such as:

  6. I, too, loved the podcast! And I was actually wondering about the bone broth. I do have a question, though. In the book and website I notice the use of an acid is used in the making of broth on the second or third round of cooking. However, I don’t hear Drs. Paul or Shou-Ching mention it any longer. Am I correct? Should I skip this step and continue simmering bones in water alone? Just curious if this is the new, preferred way. Thanks so much! And keep doing podcasts, Dr. Paul. I love them!

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