Interview with Dan O’Beirne, Metabolic Man

I did a video interview recently with Dan O’Beirne of He has now put it up on Youtube. Enjoy:

  1. Please review graphics. It should read, Perfect ‘Health’ Diet.

  2. ^ yep.
    & there is a perfect human diet web site & book.
    & take a look at the cover of its 2013 book…
    very similar to Paul’s book.
    (not sure which one was released 1st).

  3. Nice!

  4. Alright: number one takeaway is “cook for yourself.” I can’t think of any other way to avoid processed food than to start with your own fresh ingredients. Moreover, what if there is another monster snowstorm coming to Boston and you can’t get out. You can just keep re-using those soup bones for more broth!!!!! Plus, even if you can’t open your front door, you can still do podcasts all over the world…

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