PHD for MMA: Podcast with Toby MacEachern

Interested in mixed martial arts? I was pleased to appear on Toby MacEachern’s TNA4MMA podcast to talk abut what fighters can do to obtain terrific health while maximizing athleticism.

The podcast can be found on:

Thank you Toby!

Our Perfect Health Retreats were mentioned on the podcast. The next one is October 10-17. If you’re interested, check out our web pages starting here, or write me at
PHRetreat_img3_600x400px for more information or to reserve a spot.

  1. Good post.

    Paul, have you ever written about whether official dietary recommendations (or recommended daily allowances) of nutrients are properly measured or not?
    Why some recommendations vary so much from one country to another?
    And, lastly, Is it wise to put faith on recommendations based on the “mean statisical man”?

    I have my reserves. It seems obvious that the nutritional requirements for a healthy 90 year old woman are probably not the same as those of an unhealthy 14 year old male. And that does not look rational even in the same country. I believe these things must be tailored. That is one of the reasons this blog is necessary and useful.

    Thank you

  2. Yet another great podcast Paul. It’s great to see your work reaching a wider demographic such as that of Toby’s type of audience. Your work is so deserving and more people should know about it!

    Good on Toby also for getting someone like you on the show.
    Thanks for your continued great work 😆

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