Paleo Dork Kindle Event: Get PHD for $2.99

I’m very excited to be part of the Paleo Dork Kindle Book Sale:

Paleo Kindle Event

The sale starts Monday, Nov 23 sometime between noon and midnight and continues through the end of day Tuesday, Nov 24.

A group of great Paleo books will be $2.99 or less, including Perfect Health Diet. You may never see Perfect Health Diet at a price this low again, so this is the time to snap it up!

Here is the complete roster of books in the sale:

Author Book Title
Chris Kresser The Paleo Cure
Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore The Paleo Primer
Paul Jaminet Perfect Health Diet
Melissa Joulwan Well Fed
Cate Shanahan Deep Nutrition
Carrie Vitt The Grain-Free Family Table
Caitlin Weeks & Diane Sanfilippo Mediterranean Paleo Cooking
Russ Crandall The Ancestral Table
Sarah Fragoso Everyday Paleo: Thai Cuisine
Bill & Hayley Staley Make It Paleo II
Paleo Parents (Stacy Toth) Eat Like A Dinosaur
Tammy Credicott Paleo Indulgences
Jason Seib The Paleo Coach
Liz Wolfe Eat the Yolks
Kristen Michaelis Beautiful Babies

Please join the event and stock up on these great books!

  1. Thanks for sharing.

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