Happy Thanksgiving! Ebook Sale Continues, and Autoimmune Recovery Stories

The Perfect Health Diet ebook sale continues! Although the PaleoDork book event is over, Scriber liked your response so much that they’ve decided to contine to sell the Perfect Health Diet Kindle edition for $2.99 for another two weeks. Thank you, Scribner!

Unfortunately this is only valid for North American buyers, but if you’re in the UK, Australia, or elsewhere, simply change your Amazon address to a US location and you’ll be able to buy the US edition for $2.99. It’s almost identical save for the units (English, not SI).

We have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, not least the fact that readers continue to heal themselves on our diet. It’s always nice to hear a success story. Here are a few recent messages.

First, Dave has recovered from Behçet’s Disease and some other ailments:

Hi Paul

I started on a Paleo style diet as I wanted to ease my problems with Behçet’s Disease. I probably suffered for 28 of my 52 years with this auto-immune disorder and in the last 5 years it was hell on earth. I followed all the diet guidelines from my doctor and the health professionals and none of it worked. I took drugs until I almost rattled; no real help.

I went on Google to see if a different diet could help me. After a month of near 24/7 research I found many references to Paleo so decided I should try. At first it was only 80% Paleo as I made the adjustments. I reached almost 100% but allowed myself the odd day off (Birthday’s etc) to preserve my sanity. I read Mark Sisson’s book Primal Blueprint and that allowed me to change the diet slightly. I read books by Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf to name but a few.

I then found your book and was so pleased to read about safe starches. That was the hardest thing for me to deal with. I have an Indian/Indonesian heritage so white basmati rice was my favourite with the curries I ate. I have also come to love cream again, full fat organic which tastes wonderful. I was already a big fan of coconut oil and milk, I have about two tablespoons of virgin cold pressed coconut oil each day.

The difference? I was not trying to lose weight but I lost 16 kg in 4 months. My only exercise was steady walking which I built up form 1-1.5 miles to 8-9 miles per day. My blood levels were perfect whereas before they were all over the place. The change in blood work only took a month and my doctor was so shocked she ordered another full test. The next results were the same but she refused to believe me when I told her of my dietary change. When she still refused to believe me, I changed doctor!

The joint pain in my shoulders and neck has gone totally, my wrists were really painful and they are normal. I just have a bit of tendonitis in my elbows but I am working on strengthening the connective tissue to help that. My skin has cleared, no more folliculitis and just one ulcer in the last 6 months! No more headaches, no more IBS or nausea. No more “brain fog” and just the odd fatigued day.

I sleep like a baby for 8-9 hours, I have plenty of energy and awake each day feeling fresh and raring to go. I am starting to see my abs; something I was known for in my youth. People look at me and say “Wow, what have you been doing?” Many don’t believe me, they say I have the “perfect genes” and “I’m lucky” as it won’t work for everyone! Well my wife joined me and she has lost around 10 kg in weight and she’s not been as strict as me! Our DNA has changed less than 0.25% in hundreds of thousands of years but I am lucky because apparently I have changed my DNA….and so has my wife! Oh, my friend had dangerously high blood pressure so she asked me what I was doing and if it would help her. She looked sceptical at first but then I told her I am living proof. She tried it and lost 14lbs in a month. Her blood pressure is now normal – she is both stunned and overjoyed!

So my heartfelt thanks to you, I wish you and your loved ones health and happiness.

Kind regards,

Dave, Cheltenham UK

Amy has recovered from Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID):

Hello Paul,

First I wanted to say, I have been one of your followers for many years. I was on Intravenous immunoglobulin once a month for 6 hours a day. I was still on antibiotics all the time and could not keep healthy, and was unsure I would see my daughter graduate, she is 6. I had given up gluten, but it was not enough for my health, I still felt badly. I started eating for the most part PHD and taking supplements. As of two months ago, my body began making antibodies and I have not been sick since last march and I no longer need IVIG! So thank you so much for all you do. You make a difference.


An anonymous reader, who also sent us a fine gift of “Hormesis Coffee” (a gourmet roasted coffee), reports recovery from Post Finasteride Syndrome:

Hi Paul,

It has been a while, but I wanted to follow up with you and say thanks! You gave me some guidance (in addition to PHD) over a year ago regarding my recovery from Post Finasteride Syndrome (PFS). I really appreciate(d) the time you took to email me back with supplement recommendations and encouragement. There are many men who still have not recovered from the persistent side effects of Finasteride use. It’s truly sad. I am grateful to God and the nutritional information that I found on the Internet for my healing.

Finally, via Facebook message, K from China is doing better following our advice than he did Walter Willet’s; his blood pressure dropped 30 points in a week:

[First message:] This is the first diet I can do in China! Every diet I have tried had a lot of impossible to procure foods. My wife is Chinese ( I am American) and when she saw the picture of Shou-ching, she was suddenly interested. The fact that Shou-ching is Asian gives this diet some credibility with my wife. Before I had trouble getting her to sign on to my diets. Looking forward to full implementation. So far I have been on it for 3 days, and I feel great. My coworker even said, “man, you look healthy today.” That is before I even told him I was on a diet!

[Five Days later:] I started to follow Walter Willet’s diet about 10 years ago. I gained 75 pounds! He doesn’t allow potatoes! Or for that matter, any of my ancestral foods.

I feel that I was taken in by very bad advice. Especially now that I am struggling with very high blood pressure and other problems.

I had been having extremely high blood pressure until I started PHD, in the range of 170-180/105-116. This is on really strong meds. After being on PHD for a week, my blood pressure has lowered to in the range of 140/90 (still with meds, but I need to connect with my doctor to adjust if necessary). I also lost about 4 lbs.

This may give me a new lease on life! I want to live!

Thanks everyone for giving us so much good news to celebrate! Please have a delightful holiday.

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  1. Sorry – how do we access the $2.99 kindle offer? When I follow the link to amazon.com the kindle edition is priced at $18.13? I’m a UK based buyer. Do I need to create an account on amazon.com with a US address (i.e. I can’t use my amazon.co.uk account?) If this is the case, will that mean I have in effect two kindle libraries or will I be able to import the US bought kindle edition into my UK kindle library? Many thanks in advance for your help.

    • Hi John,

      Unfortunately the price is only reduced for the North American edition, and Amazon offers this only to people whose addresses are in the US or Canada. If you are willing to buy the US edition, change your address temporarily to a US address and you can get the Kindle for $2.99. Use the same account, just change your address.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Can you please share with us the advice you gave to the gentleman regarding overcoming Post-Finasteride Syndrome?

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi Paul,

    Can you please share with us the advice you gave to the gentleman regarding overcoming Post-Finasteride Syndrome?

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Hi Paul,

    I wonder if you can help.

    My girlfriend (31, slim but water retention fluctuations, history of adrenal fatigue) has under active thyroid, supplemented by 100mg thyroid meds.

    Her TSH is very, very low, like 0.2. And her TPO antibodies are 120.

    I think this means she’s HASHIMOTOS.

    If so, what do do think is the best protocol for diet.

    She has been PHD for around 6 months (but prob not quite enough protein).

    Her IGG tests showed reactions to dairy, gluten, eggs.

    Should she go on Dr. Kharazzians very strict auto immune diet in your opinion.

    Please advise,

    We feel trapped as no idea what to do.

    Kind regards,


  5. Paul, there’s something I would like your counsel on. I have this really usual sweating condition. I don’t sweat profusely like other people. My sweating only begins once the surrounding temperature gets warm enough, usually from around 11h00 to 16h00 each day. I develop a thin film of sweat all over my body (scalp, face, chest, back, butt and legs). My palms don’t sweat though. The sweat is enough to dampen my clothing and this is very unappealing.

    I had severe runny nose (rhinitis) but since I started adding molybdenum and boron to my supplement regime the rhinitis has stopped completely! I tried everything else, the runny nose was so embarrassing.

    I’ve had the rhinitis and sweating problem since I was a kid but I’ve only begun to notice now (3 years ago) that others don’t have this problem. I assumed that since those mineral helped with one secretory disorder (rhinitis) perhaps other minerals with help with the sweating. I supplement with these minerals now:
    Calcium 4 g/d
    Magnesium 3 g/d
    Manganese 8 mg/d
    Copper 2 mg/d
    Zinc 50 mg/d
    Selenium 200 mcg/d
    Chromium 200 mcg/d
    Boron 12 mg/d
    Molybdenum 2 mg/d
    Iron 60 mg/d

    No potassium and no sodium though.

    I’ve found this about a sulfur deficiency in Prescription for Natural Cures by Balch and Stengler.
    Physical symptoms: People who require this remedy are prone to getting skin rashes
    and have bad body odor. ……. They get overheated and sweat easily.”

    I do get overheated and sweat easily if I’m doing strenuous work. Just the other day I helped a colleague change a tire, when done, I was covered in sweat but he didn’t break a sweat at all. We did virtually the same amount of work. Sweating profusely only begins once I exert myself. If I’m siting at my desk all I get is a thin film of sweat all over my body during the day (if the air-con is off).

    Is it possible that I could have a sulfur deficiency?
    I’ve been taking 1 g/d MSM for months now though.

    Do you perhaps have any idea what the root cause of this is? I’ve suffered for 30 years with low stomach acid production thus I may have been mineral deficient my whole life.
    Could it be a mineral deficiency?

    • Hi Jack,

      Hopefully Paul will have time to comment.
      & i have no answers, sorry.

      But i was interested in your runny nose/rhinitis issues; what made you look at molybdenum and boron…?
      do you have any related links/refs/info i could look at.

      thx, much appreciated

    • The rhinitis was apparently due in part to an excess of histamine, and the molybdenum fixed it by increasing the rate of histamine degradation. So that was a good find.

      I don’t know what could cause your sweating. WebMD links it to thyroid problems (http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/features/is-your-excessive-sweating-caused-by-a-medical-problem), so I would start there.

      Re your supplements, you are taking far too much of several. Calcium I would limit to 400 mg/day, magnesium to 200 mg/day, manganese I wouldn’t supplement, copper 2 mg/day is good if you don’t eat liver, zinc 50 mg should be 2x per week not daily, selenium should be once per week at most rather than daily. I can’t imagine you need as much boron or molybdenum as you are taking. You should have your iron status measured, it’s unlikely such a high dose of iron is beneficial. I think the excess supplements you are taking may be a challenge for your kidneys and adrenals to manage and could exacerbate any endocrine issue you may have.

      Best, Paul

      • Hi Paul….

        What do you think would be a good (& safe) daily therapeutic dose of molybdenum…?


      • Thanks Paul

        I figured out what my problem is!
        After all these years.
        I have sever adrenal fatigue bordering on Addisons Disease.

        My blood pressure is so low that when I stand up I get a little dizzy. I’ve had this problem most of my life and I thought it was normal. I’m surprised how many abnormalities I have that I thought was normal. I’m sure I’m not the only person in this boat.

        I stopped taking all those supplements for a week and my rhinitis came back very quickly.

        I’ve been taking pantothenic acid (500 mg) and l-carnitine (500 mg) three times daily.
        With just 15 mg zinc and 10000 IU vitamin A daily. Now my rhinitis is gone again.

        The pantothenic acid and l-carnitine combo stopped the rhinitis by supporting my adrenals.

        Paul have you written anything about adrenal fatigue?

  6. Hello Darrin

    Molybdenum is recommended on all the candida forums. Boron is touted as increasing mineral absorption.

    So I just tried them.

    It really stopped the rhinitis completely. I was also sniffing probiotics up the nostrils. This did help but the minerals put the nails in the coffin for rhinitis.

    • Thanks Jack…

      & how did you settle on the dosing for those two…
      2 mg/d of Molybdenum and 12 mg/d of Boron is obviously a lot higher than Paul suggests/recommends.

      btw…i’m interested because i have had the same issue all my life (chronic rhinosinusitis, runny nose)…& nothing has worked for me…yet 🙂

    • …& how long did you supplement for before you noticed an improvement with your runny nose, rhinitis.
      & then how long before things cleared up completely.


  7. Hello Darin

    Some of the literature saying that minerals are toxic is BS. There’s a sinister group of people who want us to be sick. If you don’t know who they are yet, they are called the Illuminati. They want to reduce global population to under 500 million people and they want a one world government (New World Order). They serve Satan.

    Evolution is a lie.
    The earth is flat!!!
    Yes the earth is flat and there is a dome called the firmament over us. Above the firmament is God’s throne.
    Watch this video for a starter
    You’ve been brainwashed into believing the earth is round. Do some research and you’ll see the truth. Don’t listen to the “researchers” most of their work on space and evolution is all fabricated!

    This is why I supplement with my own dosage. I know they want us dead. Anyway I am yet to get sick.

  8. Within three days my nose was completely clear.

    I first ate 5 kg of Immune Tree colostrum powder. After that I noticed that my stomach started to produce acid. For the first time in my life I stated burping immediately after meals.

    The rhinitis slowed down but was not healed.
    Then I started sniffing probiotics every six hours up each nostril. This also helped, i think there was some pathogenic bacteria living in my nasal cavities. I got severe die-off symptoms from that. I was in bed for two days and could not move.

    I was already taking 4 g/d calcium and 2 g/d magensium. From Brazil Live Coral Calcium (buy on amazon). Read The Calcium Factor by Robert Barefoot.
    Then I introduced boron and molybdenum. Now I’m cured of rhinitis.

  9. Hi all,

    I am hoping to find some information on Carpal Tunnel. My wife has it and is considering getting surgery to release her TCL. We are farmers and this has developed over the years. This winter we are having her really lay off of it and eating PHD, taking the supplements, and trying to remain relaxed and stress free.

    Paul, it would be great if you could chime in with any further advice. Your book has been so helpful. Any others with experience in this area please feel free to give advice and opinions on the surgery, etc.

    Thank you PHD community! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.

    • Hi Rich,

      Personally I would avoid surgery until all natural healing possibilities were exhausted. She should get as much extracellular matrix in her diet as possible (e.g. chicken feet, ox hooves, bones, joints, tendons in soups and stews), vitamin C, circadian rhythm entrainment. Then focus on exercises for her shoulder to get it back and open blood flow into her arms. Thoracic outlet compression, reducing blood flow to the arm, is a major risk factor for carpal tunnel. Strengthening the back with pulling exercises (e.g. rows), and tending to posture, will help.

      Best, Paul

      • Paul,

        Thank you so much for your reply!

        Very helpful information. I will be sure to let you know how it goes.

        Merry Christmas!


  10. Hi Paul,

    Can you please share with us your advice regarding overcoming Post-Finasteride Syndrome?

    Thanks a lot.

  11. what about this? lots of references to studies of the harms of meat and butter https://www.drfuhrman.com/library/were-we-wrong-about-saturated-fat.aspx

    Meat and butter are not health foods.
    There is a link between saturated fat-rich foods (meat in particular) and breast cancer, and there is evidence that a diet rich in saturated fats promotes inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and insulin resistance.8-14 Also, common saturated fat-rich foods have many additional detrimental features other than saturated fat. For example, red and processed meats contain a significant amount of arachidonic acid, an omega-6 fat that promotes inflammation.15-18 Carnitine (in red meat) and choline (in eggs, dairy and meat) are metabolized by gut bacteria into a pro-inflammatory compound.19-21 Well done red meat and processed meat exposes us to dietary carcinogens.22-25 Red meat also contains large amounts of heme iron, which promotes oxidative stress.26,27 Animal protein itself also increases the risk of cancer by increasing circulating levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which promotes tumor growth.28,29 There is substantial evidence from human trials showing that saturated fat rich foods such as whole milk and butter increase total and LDL cholesterol.30 Higher intake of dairy products is also associated with increased risk of prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.31-36 Red meat consumption also has significant and undisputable links to risk of stroke and colon cancer.37,38 Several observational studies have reported that higher meat consumption is associated with a higher risk of death.39-43 Meat, butter and cheese have not been exonerated, in fact accumulated evidence from hundreds of studies have shown the opposite.

    • Nearly all of those so-called risks are obviated in our Perfect Health Diet: (1) saturated fats only promote insulin resistance in the context of an energy-excess diet, they are beneficial on healthy diets; (2) PHD is a low omega-6 diet; (3) carnitine and choline are beneficial and there is plentiful evidence of widespread choline deficiency, eg from the incidence of neural tube defects; (4) iron is readily measured and controlled through blood donation; (5) PHD is a low IGF-1 diet; (6) not true except in specific non-PHD contexts; (7) true but not the whole story of their healthfulness; PHD is middling on dairy; (8) actually only processed meats have that connection; (9) many observational studies have reported the opposite, especially outside the US.

  12. Hi Paul,

    Can you please share with us your advice regarding overcoming Post-Finasteride Syndrome?

    Thanks a lot.

  13. Hi Paul,

    Can you please share with us your advice regarding overcoming Post-Finasteride Syndrome?

    Thanks a lot.

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