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Why You Should Buy the Book

Perfect Health Diet shows you how to optimize your diet and lifestyle to eliminate the causes of disease for a lifetime of great health.

The Perfect Health Diet is an ancestral (Paleo, Primal) diet that synthesizes insights from evolutionary biology and the dietary and nutritional literature to offer an innovative, yet ancestral, view of the optimal human diet.

As our Reader Results show, Perfect Health Dieters have experienced greatly improved health including cures of chronic diseases, permanent weight normalization without hunger or cravings, and improved energy, strength, and mood.

The food is delicious – it resembles gourmet cuisines such as French, Thai, and Chinese. There’s good reason for a healthy diet to be tasty: our brains evolved to make us healthy, so the foods that make us happiest are also the ones that make us healthy. The diet is also less restrictive than other Paleo/Primal diets, making it easier to fit into modern life.

Perfect Health Diet explains the science of good health clearly and comprehensively. If you enjoy science, or want to know the reasons why ancestral diets work and modern diets make us obese and sick, you’ll love the insight you gain as you see many lines of evidence lead to the same conclusions.

In short, if you would like:

  • Better health
  • Delicious and satisfying food
  • Improved understanding of the science of diet and health

then this is the book for you.

More Information

If you’d like more information, here are some resources:

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  1. Thanks, donat! I’ll read these papers when I get time.

  2. Any news on the Kindle version (or some other ebook format)?

  3. Here’s another +1 for the Kindle version. Waiting anxiously.

  4. Hi Tim, Nick, sorry for the delay. Things keep coming up. I am half way through and will finish it before I do my taxes.

  5. Hi, Paul & Su-Ching,

    Thank you very much for your great book/work. It will change people’s/world’s life for sure.


  6. Kindle Kindle Kindle Kindle Kindle Kindle Kindle Kindle Kindle Kindle Kindle Kindle 😉

  7. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 😉

  8. OK, I am officially piling on: KINDLE KINDLE!

  9. Hi Paul and Su Ching,

    I bought a copy of your very intesting book a few months ago.

    I’m French and my girlfriend is French (only) speaking from Cameroon.

    Si I wonder if there exists by now a version of your book in French so that she might eventually read it by herself?

    Best regards

  10. Hi Gerard,

    Unfortunately we don’t have any translated versions yet.

    Best, Paul

  11. Is the Perfect Health Diet available as an e-book?


  12. Hi Danielle,

    It will be shortly.

  13. One more person waiting for the Kindle version.

  14. Please put me in your mailing list for the Kindle version of your book. Can’t wait!

  15. Any news about the Kindle version?

  16. I’ll discuss that shortly … I’m working up some extra content for the Kindle version, which will also appear online.

  17. +1 for kindle edition.

  18. Nothing new on the Kindle front?

  19. Hi Tim,

    Sorry, I keep getting handed consulting projects which soak up all my time and have urgent deadlines.

    You’ll know I’m close when I post a bunch of new content on the web site. An early June vacation will probably intervene however.

  20. Love to see a German translation sometime. That would be great!

  21. Hi Ralf,

    It would be great. We would have to find a translator, or someone who wanted to buy the rights.

    Best, Paul

  22. I have a Nook and want to know if there is an ePub/Adobe version of the book. I’d love to buy an electronic copy but the Barnes and Noble site only lists the physical copy of the book.


  23. Hi Dave,

    I’m working on that next week. (I’ve said similar things before but now I’m committed.)

    Best, Paul

  24. Just piping in to say I’m looking forward to the ebook version, as I no longer purchase paper version of books.

  25. Same here, no more paper books. Honestly, I would be fine with just having the current book as an ebook, no additional content, second edition or whatever necessary (and which I assume is delaying the ebook release).

  26. Another ebook request here. Cheers.

  27. gregory barton

    Ebook please!

    Please follow up with a comment when it’s ready.

  28. +1 for epub version please!

  29. is the pdf version still available, while waiting for the kindle edition?
    any news when the kindle edition will be available?

  30. Perfect Health Diet | Sam Snyder - pingback on July 19, 2011 at 10:04 am
  31. I had ordered a copy of the book but waited 10 days and it had not shipped so I cancelled order. Not sure why there is a backlog but I was disappointed.

  32. Hi Lorak,

    Sorry about that. That problem seems to be isolated to Amazon and should be fixed soon. I think is shipping quickly.

  33. In your book do you have about infection and the Ketogenic diet, i know its on here but i would love the book! you guys are amazing,

    Do a write up on enzymes and how they help kill infection and dissolve biofilms, it will really help people with serious chronic infections, i use Lumbrokinase to dissolve biofilms and digestive enzymes incl protease to kill bacteria and toxins,

    Many thanks for your great works!

  34. Hi Ljayne,

    Yes, we do. Our “Step Four” is about how to overcome disease and discusses both infections and ketogenic dieting.

    Enzymes are a complicated topic. They’re still an unproven experimental therapy for gut infections. They can act against human proteins and probiotic bacteria as well as pathogens, so you have to balance therapeutic value against side effects. Until more research is done, it would be hard to know what to write.

    Best, Paul

  35. Great well this will be my Next buy!

    Im doing great on The Enzymes and they really tackle bacteria and Toxins, i feel them working in all parts of my body.

    I will be planing to do this diet, really interesting stuff, really hope it will help my brain infection!

  36. Just wondering if it is possible to buy this book anywhere in electronic form?? I use eKindle but don’t see this option with Amazon?

  37. I would love to read the book, but I do not buy paper books anymore. Any up-to-date estimated release date for the Kindle version? Or has the ebook version been cancelled, considering it’s been nearly a year … ?

  38. Hello, Do you have a kindle or epub version of the book ? Where I live is virtually impossible to ship the book.
    Thank you.

  39. I’m also waiting for the kindle version any ideas when this will be ready? Can’t wait to read it 🙂

  40. Dear Paul,

    I recommended your book to a friend whose wife had significant health problems. Both of them started to implement it and seemed very happy.
    When do you expect to release an updated edition?

  41. Hi Fabrice,

    An updated edition, maybe 2013. Ebooks are coming, then our cookbook, I want to get an economics book out, then we’ll choose between writing sequels that focus on specific diseases or updating the book.

  42. Dear Paul,

    Any update in Kindle edition ?


  43. Hi Luis,

    I’ll make an announcement when I have info. I definitely want it out for the Christmas season.

  44. How To Boost Brain Health with the Paleo Diet » Paleo Diet News - pingback on September 15, 2011 at 5:03 am
  45. Why is there no index in your book? It seems to me that that takes away a large part of the credibility of the work – which I agree is excellent in other respects. I can’t even persuade my partner to read it in the absence of an index.

  46. Alright, I just ordered two books to give out to family and friends, now get the ebook on the road already 😉

  47. Any update on the Kindle/ebook? I can’t get the book in Australia and would love to get a copy without having to wait for a few weeks to have it shipped over from Amazon.

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