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Why You Should Buy the Book

Perfect Health Diet shows you how to optimize your diet and lifestyle to eliminate the causes of disease for a lifetime of great health.

The Perfect Health Diet is an ancestral (Paleo, Primal) diet that synthesizes insights from evolutionary biology and the dietary and nutritional literature to offer an innovative, yet ancestral, view of the optimal human diet.

As our Reader Results show, Perfect Health Dieters have experienced greatly improved health including cures of chronic diseases, permanent weight normalization without hunger or cravings, and improved energy, strength, and mood.

The food is delicious – it resembles gourmet cuisines such as French, Thai, and Chinese. There’s good reason for a healthy diet to be tasty: our brains evolved to make us healthy, so the foods that make us happiest are also the ones that make us healthy. The diet is also less restrictive than other Paleo/Primal diets, making it easier to fit into modern life.

Perfect Health Diet explains the science of good health clearly and comprehensively. If you enjoy science, or want to know the reasons why ancestral diets work and modern diets make us obese and sick, you’ll love the insight you gain as you see many lines of evidence lead to the same conclusions.

In short, if you would like:

  • Better health
  • Delicious and satisfying food
  • Improved understanding of the science of diet and health

then this is the book for you.

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  1. Stop Forcing Health & Fat Loss | Primal Phoenix - pingback on October 6, 2011 at 12:11 pm
  2. Caroline, if you order from you don’t have to pay for delivery and in my case it took less than a week to get to NZ.

  3. Jumping into the Kindle dogpile. Bought the book, read it twice, am easing my way into the diet, but would love to be able to carry it around in my phone for reference. Kindle. PDF. Nook. iBook. Anything digital.

  4. Also would like a Kindle version. Will purchase immediately if this is available.

  5. Paul – You know I support everything you do but I gotta tell you: the book needs an index! Robb Wolf offered a downloadable index to The Paleo Solution. Is it possible to set up a ‘crowd sourced index’ situation where we readers could build an index through your site and we could all download it? That’s all I need.

    Or throw in an e-version with the hardback. Not as good as a professional index, but being able to search the text has become essential to the way I read nowadays.

    I waited WEEKS to get the book from Amazon and the first thing my wife wanted was the recipe for bibimbop for paleo leftovers.

    Guess what?

    We haven’t found it yet!

    Great book otherwise, of course!

  6. Hi Allan,

    I will put a downloadable index up, and may exploit the crowd sourcing idea to help add to the keywords.

    The bibimbap leftover recipe — it’s not in the book but it’s easy enough, check tomorrow’s food post!

    Best, Paul

  7. Thanks for the quick response, Paul!

    I haven’t looked at it yet, but thanks for putting up the bibimbap recipe, too! It’s appreciated! (Our favorite Korean restaurant (in D.C.) just closed last month, unfortunately.)

  8. Paul – Did you put the index up yet? It’s still driving me nuts not having one! Thanks _Allan

  9. Paul, first time I’ve ever had a beef with Amazon.

    My new 30 year old brilliant lawyer daughter-in-law wants to get pregnant and her ob/gyn told her to read the China Study which intrigued her and now she’s going to go vegan!!!!

    Surpressing a gasp, I launched in on the PHD, its merits, etc. & etc. and she said she’d like to read the book, so I immediately placed the order with Amazon and paid for 2-day shipping. It should have arrived at the latest yesterday, so when I didn’t hear from her, I checked my account and learned it wouldn’t ship for three weeks.

    They’ll be away for Thanksgiving.

    I use Amazon for practically everything, remember I have six grandchildren, even if it’s not the cheapest way because they are usually so efficient compared to other vendors…

    and yes I let Amazon know through every contact point, including Mr. Bell’s invention, that

    I. am. livid.

    Not your fault, but thanks for providing a place for me to vent and rant.

  10. Hi erp,

    I think they’re punishing us for not having a Kindle version. Every other seller is selling from stock. Amazon stocks it too and can ship immediately, and they do that in every other country, see or, but here in the US they’re slow-selling it.

    There’s nothing I can do but create a Kindle version, which I’m trying to get to.

  11. sorry to hear that erp, i just looked on & it currently indicates “Usually ships within 2 to 3 weeks” for the book (using Amazon US).

    I can confirm the Amazon UK story. I just ordered a book for my brother who’s in the UK. & it shipped as soon as they opened for business.

  12. erp, its in stock at (Canada).

  13. It’s in stock at Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, etc. Everywhere but

  14. Darrin, I never thought to check out the webpage. What made me so mad is they didn’t send the usual email confirmation about when it would be delivered, but it didn’t register until I didn’t hear that it was delivered. Had they done that I would have checked out other vendors.

  15. erp, unusual for them not to send you any emails. it would be worth checking your amazon account details to check they still have the correct email address for you.

  16. Darrin, exactly why I’m so furious.

    I had just gotten an email letting me know something I’d ordered after I’d ordered the book was shipped which reminded me that I hadn’t heard the book was delivered.

    Paul may be right that he’s being “punished” by Amazon because he hasn’t produced an ebook, but it’s remarkably short-sighted, a rare mistake by the marketing geniuses at Amazon, because all Paul has to do is put up a notice that if we don’t want to wait 2-3 weeks for shipping, we should order the book from a different vendor and Amazon loses, not Paul and not prospective buyers.

  17. So I’ve been looking forward to getting this book when I got home only for my searches for an ebook to come up empty. I come back here only to find sooo many comments about getting an ebook.

    Not being a reader, I know I’ll waste money getting the paperback.
    hopefully the ebook will be released someday.

    much money being lost without it. 🙁

  18. Re:’s recalcitrane

    I received the following email from them this morning:


    We have good news! We’re able to get this part of your order to you faster than we originally promised:

    Paul Jaminet, Shou-Ching Jaminet “Perfect Health Diet: Four Steps to Renewed Health, Youthful Vitality, and Long Life”
    Previous estimated arrival date: November 28, 2011 – November 29, 2011
    New estimated arrival date: November 16, 2011

    If you want to check on the progress of your order, take a look at this page in Your Account: xxxx

    We hope to see you again soon!


    Customer Service Department

    The sharp edge of my keyboard combined with their ability total up my purchases over the years may have caused a perfect cosmic convergence of rethinking whatever nonsensical policy caused them to delay shipment of the PHD book in the first place.

    Chalk up one for the good guys.

  19. Any update on the Kindle version?

    I would like to purchase a few copies as gifts for the holidays, for people who no longer want to carry physical books around to read(and for myself!). There are other traditional/paleo-esque diet books out there as ebooks already, but I really prefer your book and wish to give it instead if I can.

    If your Kindle version was available now, a friend of mine would have bought it this morning!

  20. Hi Nicole,

    I have a few urgent things to attend to in my economics consulting business and a project for the Ancestral Health Society, plus my talk this weekend; then I have to get caught up with the Q&A thread, as people have been waiting a long time. I hope to be caught up by Thanksgiving and work on the Kindle version that weekend. I have been trying to hire an experienced formatter to do it, but it looks like the quickest way will be to do it myself.

    I know I am losing a lot of sales for lack of ebook editions.

  21. Break out the loin cloth | CrossFit NYC - pingback on November 15, 2011 at 11:21 am
  22. Walk the walk | CrossFit NYC - pingback on November 16, 2011 at 10:51 pm
  23. Is the book available as an audio file anywhere? thanks!

  24. Hi Paul and Shou-Ching!

    Thank you for a great site with very interesting and palatable content. I was just presented with the whole “contemporary” diet community recently, through a movie called Forks over knives – which sent me to denise’s blog “rawfoodsos” – which sent me here. Now I must say that this is the first time I’m interested in a specific “diet”, I’ve always done my own thin by just feeling what’s right for me. A lot of the things you’re presenting appeal to me, since I love butter, olive oil, chocolate, potatoes, fish, vegetables, fruit, cheese etc. I have some questions/subjects that I hope you could answer or shed some light on, or if you know there are good articles already written on the exact same subject – please feel free to give me some links as well.

    My first subject is about grain toxicity. Most of the blogs I’ve read with takes on grain toxicity mentions wheat, but very little about oats, barley, rye, einkorn/emmer, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa etc. My question is, what specifically is it that makes these toxic (prolamins?) or bad if you don’t have celiac disease? I can buy that conventional wheat these days is not very good, but oats? I hesitate to cut out grains totally, since the last couple of years I’ve had a specific porridge every morning, which I really love, made out of this:

    My second subject is about legumes, which is sort of related to the first question. Why do all legumes count as “do not eat”, if they are prepared properly (sprouted, cooked, fermented etc)? I mostly wonder about the ones I often eat (all sorts of lentils), occasionally eat (kidney beans, soy beans, chick peas etc.) and want to eat (tempeh/natto). If it’s the phytic acids, then why are brazil nuts (one of the highest) and coconuts (about the same as wheat) applauded (more so since they’re both usually eaten raw)? Then there’s the lectin of course, which I actually don’t know much about. I’m feeling completely lost when it comes to grains and legumes, how much helps if you soak and boil (what’s good preparation anyways?) and is it okay to eat them then? Is fermented grains/legumes okay, and if that’s the case how much do you have to ferment (e.g. with sourdough bread)? If there are any good sources on this, I would be so thankful and glad if you could share them with me.

    My third subject is about oil. I rarely eat vegetable oils, I mostly consume heaps of butter and cold pressed olive oil – I’m totally in love! But I don’t really understand your separation between olive oil and canola oil (in the category vegetable oil) just on the basis of just omega-6/omega-3 ratio. If you compare canola oil to olive oil, the content of omega-6/omega-3 seems to be around 3–13:1 for olive oil and 2:1 for canola oil. If it’s about weight+ratio: canola oil have 3 times more polyunsaturated fat, but if the ratio for olive oil is 13:1, it still contains more omega-6 per volume, correct me if I’m wrong. By the way, how come olive oil differs so much in omega-6 content?

    My fourth and last subject is about the supplements. Is it really necessary to take supplements if you have a varied diet? How big are the risks of deficiencies of the vitamins/minerals that you promote the supplementation for? I take supplements for D3 during the winter half year (since I live in Sweden), and I’ve taken blood tests to check for deficiencies about once a year and never had any issues with it.

    For now, I guess that’s what I have in mind. If you have any superb recommendations for books, besides your own, I would be glad to hear them!

    Kind regards,
    David Isacsson

  25. David – I hope your question on steroids doesn’t bring Paul’s generous offer to answer every question to an end! (I kid both of you!!) I noticed your comment about your D3 showing up fine on testing. Since I think you are the first person who doesn’t supplement regardless of the season that I’ve seen who says their levels didn’t fall without supplementation, I’m curious to know what your levels were and on what dates.

    YOu didn’t ask me, but I’m encouraging everyone to read WHEAT BELLY right now.

  26. Allan, do you have a link for WHEAT BELLY?

  27. Hi Allan,

    Interesting remarks! I haven’t had any real regularity when it comes to my check ups, it’s mostly been in combination with “unrelated” things. It would undoubtedly be sweet to know how the D-vitamin levels spreads through the seasons. I tend to be outside very much during the summer, so i don’t really think there’s an issue there. But you never know! I will make sure to not take any supplements next summer, and check my levels right before i start taking them again, eventually go have a check up several times during the summer. Maybe that will give some indications. D-vitamins stay in the body for quite a while aswell, so even though there’s shitty weather for a couple of weeks – that doesn’t matter too much if you’ve been outside alot just before and right after. Atleast that’s how i see it.

    Wheat belly is definitely on my “to read”-list, as is PHD and Food and Western Disease by Staffan Lindberg (MD/PhD in the town where i study). If you haven’t checked out the blog “rawfoodsos” by Denise Minger, i can recommend this over and over again 🙂

  28. I just realized i posted this in the wrong sections, it was ment to be posted in the “Q & A”-thread. Feel free to move my post to the right section and delete this post. Sorry for that!

  29. For those curious about the book “Wheat Belly”, Chris Masterjohn has an excellent review over at

  30. David – Here’s the link to the commercial WHEAT BELLY book page:

    -Allan in wv

  31. I would prefer an ebook format, but I can’t find PHD on Sony Reader bookstore. Is the book available in .pdf or .epub format readable on Sony Reader somewhere?

  32. Hi Harri,

    Ebooks are coming soon, should be available within 2 weeks.

  33. I hate to ask, Paul, but seeing you come up for air, I have to: When do you think you’ll have an index done? (And do you need any help with it?) Thanks -Allan in WV

  34. Paul, I never thought to ask, but I also can also help with routine stuff like assembling an index. I’ve got plenty of time and some of my synapses are stil firing more or less regularly.

  35. … still firing that is. ;-}

  36. +1 erp’s comment. If there’s anything you can delegate to a willing helper, please let me know. We want to keep the wheels of this machine greased!

  37. Thanks, erp and Bella. Be careful what you offer – I might take you up on that!

  38. To erp, Allan, and Bella: Yaaay! – an index!! That’s what I need. 🙂 I’ll help over the two week winter break from my school duties. I love that kind of stuff.

  39. I’m about to start a project putting our little town library (it used to be a private collection and isn’t a part of the greater county library system) of 25,000 volumes into an Excel file with the hope that I can dump it all into the MS Access library catalog template so it can become interactive to library patrons.

    This is a completely one-man band volunteer effort on my part, but once I get started I’m hoping I can convince others to proof read or even do some typing, but so far people are running for the hills at the thought of it.

    Also, I haven’t used Access.

    Anybody have an suggestions about how to go about it before I start re-inventing the wheel?

    Paul, don’t get scared, an index I can do. ;-}

  40. I don’t know what’s involved in indexing, but I’m up for volunteering to help get it done!

  41. “on 29 Nov 2011 at 11:41 am # Paul Jaminet

    Hi Harri,

    Ebooks are coming soon, should be available within 2 weeks.”

    So my 40th Bday is on dec 13 – exactly 2 weeks from your nov 29 posting Paul! Is it possible I could get my wish of being able to purchase the Ebook as a Bday prezzie for myself??
    Just checking in to see if you are still on target for that 2 week projection…

  42. Hi Tami,

    Yes, I have the ebook files in hand, I just have to publish them. Not sure how long it takes before Amazon makes them available but I doubt it’s long.

  43. eBooks are Amazon only? They have DRM which I refuse to succumb to – only started buying music online when Apple got rid of DRM -, and they wouldn’t work on my Sony Reader anyway.

  44. Hi Harri,

    Sony will come in a week or two. I’m learning about the various distribution platforms and how to reach them. Nook is available now.

  45. Sounds great!

    I can imagine it’s a nightmare to cover all the bases with so many disparate standards.

  46. I have been reading the book today on my Nook… Once thing that I am unclear on (still working on grasping all of the new ideas)… For someone who would like to do the “therapeutic” version of the diet (for fibromyalgia, IBS and other health problems), are there any alternatives to coconut oil? I have food allergies to things in the palm family, dairy and a wide variety of other things… So I am on a restriction diet to reduce immune system inflammation and symptoms… which has been of some benefit. I am willing to see if modifying the diet further (which as of now includes almost no processed foods) will help with healing. In the case of a very restricted diet (as far as specific foods that can be eaten), would it be better to do the 16 hour daily fasting with the glucose restriction instead? Is there a “second best” therapeutic approach if you can’t use coconut or whey protein to boost ketosis? There is a lot in the book about the coconut oil, but it just isn’t an option if I want to feel well…

  47. Is the content of the ebooks exactly the same or does one platform have e.g. higher resolution pictures or color?

  48. Hi Wout,

    The content is the same, but it will appear in color on the Kindle Fire or Nook Color, and in black and white on platforms that don’t support color. The pictures are probably higher resolution than the device. So it will look better on better devices.

  49. Hi Kirsten,

    The main alternative to coconut oil is MCT oil. You can look that up on our supplement recommendations page or search for it at Amazon.

    You can also use leucine or BCAAs to promote ketosis. However, ketogenic dieting is not proven for fibromyalgia or IBS. It should help if the problem is bacterial in origin, but could hurt with other pathogens. So you have to watch for your reaction to ketogenic dieting carefully.

    Best, Paul

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