Kindle and Nook Available, Others Soon

I’m happy to announce that ebook editions are or soon will be available:

  • The Kindle version is available, here. It should be linked to the print version sometime this weekend.
  • The Nook version is available here.

I’ll work on publishing to other platforms next week. By the way, these are in color, so if you have Kindle Fire or Nook Color you’ll see the natural colors.

I’d like to thank reader Jason Voegele who did the ebook formatting. Great job, Jason! If you are looking for an ebook formatter, please check out Jason’s site:

My apologies to all those who have been waiting so long for the ebooks.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Excellent! Thank you!

    Paul, there is so much great info building up on the blog. Do you have plans to churn out another book?

  2. Hi Michelle,

    The next major books are our cookbook (= how to do the diet in food terms) and a 2nd edition of the first book.

    But I might do little ebooks inbetween. There was some interest in maybe a “Perfect Health Diet Annual” or “Best of Perfect Health Diet 2011” ebook – I could assemble a narrative out of interesting posts.

    Also, I’m going to work on web design and try to make the existing content more accessible.

  3. Does the Kindle version have an index?

  4. Oh, Amazon one-click purchase, you are a dangerous, dangerous thing.

    However, in this case it has resulted in me now possessing a kindle copy of a book I’d been looking to get my hands on, and I am about to start reading it. (c:

  5. Hi Matt,

    Kindle has a search function … web site will have an index.

    Thanks Adam!

  6. Thanks Paul!

    It was a fun and challenging project for me to work on, and I’m just glad I was able to help make the book available to the e-reading masses! 🙂

  7. That is nice! I’m hoping to get my sister to read your book. I’m still curious as to why you call Jay’s diet high reward when he was only eating one meal a day – but that is me being naughty.

  8. I hope iBookstore is soon!

  9. Hi Emily,

    Well, perhaps I’m being unconventional here, but to me, the sensible definition of “reward” is something that satisfies the reward center of the brain. So a high reward diet eliminates appetite, while a low-reward diet maintains appetite. The brain is still looking for something, it hasn’t gotten what it wants.

    Sort of like when the kids are disappointed by Santa and wishing for more presents, it’s a low-reward Christmas, but when they’re excited and happy, it’s a high-reward Christmas.

    The tricky part definitionally comes when you have something that transiently pleases the reward center of the brain, that deceives it into thinking it’s getting something good, but doesn’t satisfy it, so that it drives you back for more. Then you need a “liking/wanting” distinction and maybe more subtleties, and this leads into the issue of pathological states of the food reward system and/or deceptive Frankenfoods.

    But I think that eating natural, Paleo foods, our food reward system is very good at discerning what is good for us, and becomes satisfied by what is pleasing and is displeased by things that don’t satisfy. So I think in a Paleo context, it’s OK to conflate liking and wanting into a single concept, “reward.”

    I take Jay’s diet to have been rewarding because it eliminated hunger. It was supplying sufficient nutrition to make his brain happy and its body replete with structural nutrients.

    Hi Eric,

    Give me 7-10 days for that, I have some other obligations to tend to.

  10. Hi Paul:
    Since i have the book, i will get the next ed for my Kindle. Congrats

    This multi is on Amazon and would be interested in your thoughts:
    Now: Multi Food Complex for Men. It is fermented, lacks iron and seems to have a fair amount of Zinc and Copper


  11. 7 to 10 days will make it a perfect Christmas present for myself. 🙂

  12. Hi Steve,

    Do you have a link that lists the ingredients?

    Hi Eric,

    If I had a Mac I could do it in a day … don’t know why Apple won’t let us upload files from a PC.

  13. Paul, iBook is not OS dependent, so you should be able to upload from a PC. If you can let us know where you’re having trouble with the upload we* may be able to help.
    *We meaning my mac/pc/general computer geek husband.

  14. Hi KC,

    Apple’s iTunes connect says to publish directly you need to upload from a Mac:

    The alternative, which I expect to do, is to go through an Apple-approved aggregator. My choices are Ingram Digital or Smashwords. I already have a relationship with Ingram Digital, but most authors seem to be going with Smashwords to reach Apple, Sony, and a few other odd platforms.

    My remaining work probably isn’t technical at all, just business, I have to understand the pros and cons of each and see if one of these is better than the other. Can only publish via one.

    Thanks for the offer KC!

  15. Yippee! I have the paper version and have been wanting to re-read it, but I do 90% or more of my reading electronically. I’m about to have two copies of your book!!

  16. Hi, quick question on the kindle e-book that I couldn’t suss out an answer for. Does the content of the e-book differ from the printed version in anyway?

  17. i got the paper version.

    i’ll get a kindle version as well.


  18. Hi Paul and Jason,

    thanks a lot for making this happen!

    Just bought my copy of the Kindle version and am looking forward to read it over the holidays :).

    Expect a nice review in the coming weeks on my blog!


    P.S.: As you remember, we have the same china, from different companies out of different continents. The globalized world is a strange place…

  19. Hi Jason,

    There is one fairly significant change in the e-book content, which is that the “Perfect Health Diet In One Page” section has been replaced with a “Perfect Health Diet In Brief” section that discusses the new PHD “food plate”. (Paul, maybe you want to mention this in the blog post proper?)

    All other differences are very minor and relate only to the different layout and typographical conventions of e-books vs. print books.

    Hi Constantin,

    Thanks! I already know that the book content is worthy of a great review, and I hope that the e-book will not disappoint.

  20. Thank you SO much!

    I looked on Amazon under “Books” and it didn’t show a Kindle version. I was just cruising through the comments on another post, trying to see if it was getting any closer, hit “Home” and found this post.


  21. Hi Jason,

    The content differs hardly at all – the introductory section “The Diet in One Page” is slightly longer and features the food plate now – otherwise it is the same.

    Thanks all, I hope you like it!

  22. Hi Paul: Now Multi-Food Complex for Men, 80 tablets,2 per day ingredients from Now website since Amazon does not list the ingredients:—Mens/076947.htm

    Seem ok to you?


  23. It’s OK. The only defect is the beta carotene – mixed carotenoids would be better. Take note of the low calcium and magnesium, low vitamin D and K.

    An alternative simple solution is just take a multimineral (with the calcium and magnesium but without the vitamins) and supplement any needed vitamins like D, K2, and C individually.

  24. Thanks Paul:

    I supplement with K2,D and C already; i hear you on the beta carotene. I might just use the Centrum you link to.
    Any particular modifications to PHD for those of us who have CAD? I am 61 and looking to minimize problems, and note that when i eat a fair amount of starch, my small LDL is around 40-45% of LDL particle count.

    Cookbook is a great idea! I am onboard!

  25. Hi Steve,

    For a 61 year old with CHD, I’d recommend some extra supplements. Eg: B vitamins: B1, B2, pantothenic acid, biotin, B6, B12. CoQ10. MSM.

    And I’d be very careful about the minerals, especially magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, iodine.

    I would try to do intermittent fasting, and use some coconut oil. Ketones are good for the heart.

    Employ circadian rhythm therapies, and get plenty of exercise; walking is great.

  26. Thanks Paul:
    When you say careful about the minerals what do you mean? take them, not take them? Take a multi and D3, magnesium, CoQ10, kinda of scared of iodine other than what is in the multi.
    I take a B50 from Now for B vitamins. Think it is ok?

    Tons my age who have been on the SAD grains diet for a long time have some CAD issues, and guys i know in late 40’s are taking statins w/o having an NMR done.

    Get a fair bit of exercise- exercise bike, weights, cross trainer. Am pretty lean with good muscle at 5’6″ about 140-144 lbs, so intermittent fasting sometimes tough. Don’t eat between meals.
    Starch is my concern as it affects my small LDL levels.

    Thanks for great advice. Will try to get more bone broths in the diet for minerals, but not great on the cooking side of life!
    I need to put something in to paypal for your advise or buy a couple of more books to hand out as presents this holiday season!

  27. Hi Steve,

    By careful I meant optimize them. The discussion in our book is a good guide.

    B50 tablets are good. You can improve on them because they are low in biotin and pantothenic acid and have more folic acid and niacin than you need.

    Best, Paul

  28. i purchased the kindle yesterday. great deal. i absolutely would buy a cookbook!

  29. I bought the kindle version and like it a lot!

    As I try to learn more about optimal nutrition I often need to look up information. The search functionality of the Kindle version makes this task much easier. As other have mention it’s also very well formatted, one of the better kindle books I have read. I recommend it to everyone that’s interested in nutrition. Too bad the language barrier makes it inaccessible to most here in Norway.

    When rereading the book I come across the recommendation of using egg yolks. What do you do with the egg whites? It just seems a bit wasteful to throw them in the trash, especially when i’m considering switching to more expensive high quality omega3 eggs. But then again if eating more egg yolks than egg whites is optimal throwing out the egg whites is just the way it has to be.

  30. Hi Ole,


    You can eat the egg whites. It all depends on your desired protein intake, and your preferred protein sources. If you eat more protein, or are on a calorie-restricted diet, then eat the whites. If you eat a lot of calories but don’t want a lot of protein, then throw out the whites.

  31. Not being pushy, but is iBookstore on track? Or delayed a bit more?

    Just curious as one of my sisters-in-law found my Amazon Wish List and surprised me with a dead tree edition (just arrived for Christmas late!) Whee! I still will be buying the electronic format to have with me though. 😀

  32. Hi Eric,

    It’s delayed because I haven’t gotten to it yet, but will this week.

    Best, Paul

  33. I can’t find a kindle edition of your book. Any ideas?

    • Hi Cassie,

      What country are you in? In the UK the rights have been sold and they are preparing a UK edition which is not out yet, but the UK publisher is not allowing the US and Australian editions to be sold in the UK. The UK edition should be out in the fall – maybe September.

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