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I’ll be a last minute fill-in on today’s edition of Superhuman Radio with Carl Lanore. I’ll be on at 1 pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific. UPDATE: The archived show is here: SHR # 1111 :: Is Your Training Style A Fast Track To The Grave PLUS The Perfect Health Diet.

  1. Just finished reading your new book. In the past I’ve done elimination diets, Paleo, Weston Price, Paleo again and now giving yours a try. A couple questions, I know you don’t like protein shakes, but I really need these sometimes as I’m very athletic. I’ve been using Thorne Research Vegalite. It is a pea & rice plant based protein powder, I mix it with So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk as I have difficulty with milk products. Comments? Also, I’m somewhat of a gourmet cook so I cook very differently. How do you feel about Bearnaise sauce with steak? Not all the time, just special occasions. On my baked potato I really like warmed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and chopped green onion, any problem with this? Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!

    • Hi Posy,

      Peas and rice are both permitted foods on our diet, but we consider them to be healthy only after cooking. I am not sure about the protein powder, its healthfulness would depend on how it was prepared. Coconut milk is great.

      In general gourmet cooking is healthier than non-gourmet cooking. Bearnaise sauce is highly recommended on our diet, steak with Bearnaise sauce is better than steak without. Olive oil and green onion on potato is great too. In general we recommend adding fats and vegetables to starches; sour cream would work great also.

  2. I recommended the new PHD book to an old friend. As soon as he started reading it, he ordered more copies for Xmas presents. I hope to see you on my TV soon!

  3. There may be nothing really new here, but it’s a very well-argued and timely review of the evidence for the “sugar and high-GI starch” version of the Lipid Hypothesis.

  4. Paul,

    General question, not to bust chops or anything, but if you list salmon and sardines on your food plate/apple pictogram why wouldn’t you in include herring? I know you have to draw the line somewhere and can’t list everything in every category but herring is quite abundant, high in O3, and low in Hg. It’s one of the few fish sold wherever you find sardines and since you specifically list sardines and salmon I think herring is a great addition.

    Thanks. And as always keep up the great work!


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