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Dr Lo Radio Show Tonight

Just a brief announcement – I’m working on a few blog posts, including one that will go up at Psychology Today tonight or early tomorrow – but for now just a brief note: I’ll be appearing on Dr Lo Radio with Dr Lauren Noel tonight at 9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific.

The show is live and the call-in number if you’d like to ask a question is (818) 495-6919.

I’m excited – I’ve met Lauren at the Ancestral Health Symposium but this will be my first appearance on her show. It’s a great show and should be a fun conversation!

Q&A With Latest in Paleo Readers

Angelo Coppola has some nice things to say about our book:

Recently, I was asked by someone who had just completed reading two of the most popular Paleo diet books, which books I would recommend for further reading.

My response was something like, “Maybe you’ve read enough, and it’s time to ask yourself, ‘what’s next?’ What do you want to do with the Paleo approach, besides read about it?”

Well, my answer would have been different had he asked me this question after I had gotten my hands on the latest edition of The Perfect Health Diet…. I strongly recommend a short detour through Paul & Shou Ching Jaminet’s latest research.

Angelo also asked me to do a Q&A with his readers. He’s posted it and I have to say they asked some good questions. Several of them were questions our readers had previously asked us to comment on:

On the fructose issue, Marisa H asked a good question: “I am fructose intolerant. If fructose is sooooo great, why does this condition exist, and not glucose intolerance?”

Here are the questions Angelo’s readers posed:

  • Do you have any specific tweaks or recommendations for those with autoimmune conditions? And with respect to infections, is the most common concern gut infection, or are there other types that people should be aware of to consider or look for in their attempts at healing? – Erin L.
  • How important is it to have carbs with every meal vs. ‘backloading’ them all after a workout.  – Phil U. (@philsplace)
  • You talked about the correlation between the increase in omega-6 fats and overweight.  Please explain why omega-6 fats contribute to weight gain. – Jack
  • I’d love to hear Paul’s thought on Andrew Kim’s 4 part series of blog posts on “Fructose > Glucose”. – Michael
  • What are your thoughts on the Potato Diet, which has been gaining some popularity in online Paleo communities as a short-term solution for weight loss? – Angelo

Head on over to Latest in Paleo to see my answers!

Fat Burning Man Show

Today brings a new podcast with Abel James on The Fat Burning Man Show. This was my second conversation with Abel about the new edition – the first can be found here – and so we got into more offbeat topics. A lot of fun!

Angelo Coppola tells me that our episode of Latest in Paleo hit the #1 spot in Alternative Health on iTunes and was #7 in the overall Health category.

Chris Kresser reviews the new edition.

I believe this book is a must-read not only for the average health-conscious individual, but also for health professionals that are looking for solid evidence that supports an ancestral nutrition philosophy…. This book could change a lot of lives if read by the right people!

This is the best book available that explains the science behind the paleo or primal diet and lifestyle while making easy-to-follow recommendations. It would make a great holiday gift.

Thanks Chris!

Meanwhile, it looks like it was a good decision on our part to include a chapter on Mammalian Diets. It’s really broadened our market:

Photo from Kamal Patel. Thanks Kamal!

Launch Day!

We’re excited! Our book is now shipping and appearing in stores, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

I’ve gotten some further information on the launch dates for the various editions. The US and Canadian edition launched today, of course. The Australian and New Zealand edition will be officially published on January 7; here is the book’s page from Scribe. Finally, the United Kingdom edition is expected to be released in fall 2013, due to the time needed to customize it for a UK audience and perform pre-release marketing activities.

You may have noticed some re-arrangements to the site. I’m getting ready to launch a forum, and there are some new pages:

  • Translations of the PHD Food Plate into 9 languages can be found here. Thank you to Constantin Gonzalez, Nadia Bachi, Wout Mertens, Martin Inderhaug, Ildiko Koltai, Jarrett McAnally, Kiril Roussev, and Rafael B. for providing translations!
  • I’ve put up a News, Interviews, Reviews page – it’s under the Buy the Book tab – where you can find information about upcoming public appearances, magazine and newspaper stories, interviews and podcasts, and book reviews.
  • I’ve put up a list of our recipes on the Recipes page, and also links to some PHD-friendly food bloggers. We’ll have a Recipes section on the forum when it launches, and I expect to be spending more time on food – and, in general, helping people implement our diet and lifestyle recommendations – in the new year.

Speaking of interviews and podcasts, here’s what’s going on this week:

  • I was going to appear on Dr Lo Radio tonight, but unfortunately Lauren is not feeling well today, so we postponed it to next Tuesday the 18th.
  • But you won’t have to wait until Tuesday to hear a new podcast: my podcast with Abel James Bascom on his Fat Burning Man show will go live on Friday Dec 14. This is my second interview with Abel since he read an early manuscript of the book (first interview from August 12), and this time we got to talk about some of our more offbeat ideas. It’s a fun one.
  • I recorded a podcast with Paleo Magazine Radio, which will air in the new year. The interview had a special guest: frequent commenter erp joined the discussion, to talk about what it’s like to eat the Perfect Health Diet. Tony Federico and Paleo Magazine are looking for more personal-experience stories and would love to hear from Perfect Health Dieters, so if you’d like to appear on Paleo Magazine Radio, leave your contact information in their Call for Guests app.

Finally, let me say: thank you to all our readers for helping us get to this day. We are truly grateful for your support.

On our side, a lot of work has been invested into this book – seven years of effort. It will be very satisfying if that work pays off by bringing better health to a large public.

We think that can happen – we can make a big difference in public health and save many people from premature death or untimely disease – but we’re dependent on your help to achieve it. So if you enjoy the book, please tell your friends and family – recommend it on social media and Amazon – give it as a gift – and leave reviews on Amazon. And please do participate here, in comments and on the forum when it launches; we value your companionship and friendship on this journey.

Thank you again and please, enjoy the book and have a very merry Christmas season! The “What’s New in the New Edition” series will continue tomorrow with a look at the book’s take on weight loss and obesity.