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  1. I understand that you’re saying it’s how high that the temp reaches that matter vs. duration regarding toxicity. But you still want the beans to be cooked. So you’ve actually tried at 15 mins, and was it successful/delicious?

    • Hi susan,

      Yes, the red lentils were fully cooked. I could no longer make out the individual lentils since they had completely disintegrated into the cooking water.

      And to clarify — since I have an old-fashioned pressure cooker, not an instant pot — that’s 15 minutes at full pressure, not counting heat-up and cool-down times (during which certainly some cooking happens, albeit not as quickly as at full pressure). I don’t know how the instant pot works, but if the heat-up and cool-down phases happen very quickly, you might have to adjust the time at full pressure up a little bit to compensate.


    • … I should also add: The time to taste fully cooked, at any temperature, will always be less than the time to achieve full detoxification. (So if it doesn’t taste cooked, it’s not safe.)

  2. Eric, thanks for clarifying, and that’s impressive!
    Yes, IP works the same as yours, it actually takes quite a bit of time to reach full pressure. If I program 15 mins, it will actually take about 40-45 mins total, including ramp up time and natural steam release time after the 15 mins has run.

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