Hello Luke!

I’m happy to introduce a new PHDer: Luke Jaminet arrived in the world last Wednesday and has been getting plenty of sleep ever since. Here he is:

Luke sleeping age 3 days

For the first time since his birth Mom and Dad got a little sunshine and relaxation yesterday:

Luke-Mom-Dad age 3 days

We chose the name because Luke was Paul’s companion.

Luke has been long awaited and so far, much enjoyed. Welcome Luke!

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  1. Congratulations and God’s blessings to your little family! This is such a nice surprise to hear about. Best wishes!

  2. Mazel Tov!

    Love every minute with your precious little one.

  3. I am so happy for you! May God bless you in every way.

  4. Enjoyed the music!

  5. Wow! You have a brand new baby! This just brightened my morning seeing this on your twitter. Wonderful. He is so beautiful. Enjoy this new little soul which has been given you to bring up. God Bless all 3 of you today and always.

  6. What a surprise to check in and see your beautiful little boy. Congratulations to everyone!

  7. How exciting! Great news!! Thank you for sharing with us– he is adorable!! 😀
    My husband and I were also blessed with our first seven months ago and we’re loving every minute of it!
    Take care and rest when you can!
    God bless your cute little family!

  8. Welcome to the world Luke!! Congrats to Mom and Dad! 🙂

  9. So happy for you. The world needs more well nourished children of such gifted and altruistic , gentle parents.

  10. Congrats! Beautiful boy and lucky to have such wonderful parents.

  11. Congratulations Paul! Beautiful baby. Shou-Ching does not look like she just had a baby.

  12. Wow, what a surprise! You sure didn’t say a thing at AHS14. Didn’t want to jinx it, eh? We’ll what can I say that a family of 3 PhDs doesn’t already know.

    We’ll have to get all the Ancestral/paleo rug rats together at AHS15. Yours, Kresser, Wolf, the Hartwigs, Tanner, Rhoden, and Coppola. Did I forget anybody?

    Congratulations to you and Shou Ching!

  13. Congratulations! He looks great, and looks like both of you!

  14. Lots of luck for the new parents and a warm welcome to Luke!

  15. Congrats! Will there be new posts discussing optimal nutrition for neonates? 🙂

  16. Congratulations! Luke is lovely! Looking forward to PHD insight for babies and kids 🙂

  17. How thrilling! I couldn’t be happier for all three of you.
    Mazel tov!

  18. Congratulations!

  19. May he be blessed with lots of friendly tummy bugs and a strong constitution. Congratulations to you both.

  20. Paul! A warm welcome to young Luke! Perfect name. My best wishes to the entire Jaminet Family, KKC

  21. Awesome! You three are positively glowing! And Paul looks a bit dazed, but happy. 🙂

  22. You look so happy! Congratulations! What a beautiful boy he is. Wishing you every happiness –

  23. Congratulations! very happy for you both.

  24. Ahh. This news made my day 🙂
    What a wonderful blessing.
    I have had 3 children and with my 4th pregnancy I just miscarried. The gift of a child is such a blessing. I took it for granted before.

    I hope you might do some posts more on the topic of Shou-Chings pregnancy.

    I myself am worried that I have endometriosis or PID that has caused my miscarriage.

  25. What a lovely surprise! Congratulations!

  26. Congratulations to the mother and father and may whomever you believe in bless you and this beautiful child.

  27. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

  28. Congrats!!!! He is beautiful.

  29. He is gorgeous, congratulations!

  30. Hey Paul,

    Not to detract from your good news.. just curious what brand of crackers you buy? the best I can find is ones made with just rice, sunflower oil and sea salt. The amount of Oil used is small so I consider them PHDish…. but if there is a better option out there I would love to know.

    • You can get rice snaps which have no oil at all. There are also some olive oil brands. You have to go to the expensive parts of the store. But, I agree, if you aren’t eating many crackers, the amount of oil is pretty small.

      • I can only find rice snaps that are a combo of brown and white rice, are these what you purchase? given the choice between an high omega 6 oil and brown rice which would be the better option.

      • What do you think of these?


        I am not sure if expeller pressed palm oil is okay…but there is very little in any case and these are very tasty, though prone to crumble

      • Oh I am SO EXCITED! Our local coop sells Brown Rice Snaps (on sale this week so I stocked up) when even our Whole Foods didn’t have them. The Unsalted Plain are surprisingly good with cheese or home-made guacamole or even by themselves. The Tamari Seaweed Rice Snaps are really tasty. Fl
        ours are a mix of brown and white rice so there’s not that much brown rice to worry about and there are NO OILS. They don’t crumble like other gluten free crackers. Nice to take on the road and in airplanes. So grateful to Paul and Shou-Ching for recommending them…ah, the little things in life…

        • Amazon has some by Howard and Sons. Is that what you are talking about?

          • Rice Snaps are made by Edward & Sons Trading Company

          • Yes,Edward & Sons. Don’t know where Howard came from ❓ Thanks for the tip.

          • I bought a back of rice snaps yesterday and despite their claims I do believe they use fat in producing them. One serving has 1 gram of fat and that is eight crackers.. rice has a small amount of natural fat but it is nowhere near that amount. Listing as .2 gram saturated fat so I would assume it’s sunflower oil.

  31. Congratulations! Great news!

  32. all the best to you!

  33. Congratulations! I am curious, have you checked out the book, The
    Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Childcare by Sally Fallon Morell?
    I’mccurious to know if it 8s in line with your PHD for moms and babies.

  34. That is amazing. Welcome to the world, Luke.

  35. Congratulations to both of you – Luke is so beautiful – his skin looks so perfect.
    What a wonderful blessing from the Lord.

  36. Oh boy, congratulations!

    I predict posts about napping and the importance of a good night’s sleep in the future 😉

  37. Congratulations! He looks super cute.

  38. Luke is very cute. All the best to him for a wonderful journey on our planet! Congratulations to both of you!! ~/Abhi

  39. Congratulation 🙂

  40. How wonderful! All three of you look the picture of health. May it always be so.

  41. Congratulations to you both! Luke is precious.

  42. Congrats to you both ..WELCOME Luke!!!!! How incredibly wonderful and thank you for sharing.

    I will disclose our news buried in the comments here…
    We are expecting also and so very excited and grateful.
    I’m 47, my wife is a little younger but it makes me feel terrific to see you Paul with the baby and Choushing radiating brilliantly.

    Keep sharing the pics 🙂


  43. congratulations. btw how about a “phd for children book”?

  44. Congratulations!

  45. Welcome to the world to a very special, lucky and blessed child!

  46. Hi Paul, unanticipated but great news. What a testament to PHD. Both you and Shou-Ching just a few years ago were very sick and feeling like you were aging prematurely. Fast forward, you both look young and vibrant and are now blessed with a healthy new baby. Congrats!!


  47. C’mon, we need more than just a name and a photo! Some of us are clucky women!

  48. Congratulations!

    I would request a post on nutrition for pregnancy, but I am guessing you recommend following the PHD and just adding more calories?

  49. Now that you guys are parents, can you give us your recommendations on baby carriers, seats, etc. for optimal posture?!! JonMarc and I are dying to know! Our Lucy is the best little squatter! But I’d like to encourage that from infancy if we are blessed with other children, and in my recommendations to friends. God bless you THREE and we are praying for you!

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