Buck Books Promotion: Perfect Health Diet for $0.99

Have you held off on buying our book? Good news: we’re having an ebook sale MondayTuesday!

For 24 hours only, on Tuesday January 20, Perfect Health Diet will be part of a Buck Books Weight Loss Event. You’ll be able to buy our book, and 14 other quality books, for $0.99 in ebook format (including Kindle and Nook).

Here are the books in the event:

Author Book Title
Loren Cordain The Paleo Diet Revised
Paul Jaminet Perfect Health Diet
Jeremy Hendon The World’s Greatest Weight Loss Secret
DaNelle Wolford Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too!
Jonathan Bailor The Calorie Myth
Nick Loper Treadmill Desk Revolution
Brooks Hollan The Lean Life
Linda Spangle Friends with the Scale
Lynn Manning Fit & Healthy Family
Drew Manning Fit2Fat2Fit
Darya Pino Rose Foodist
Patricia Smith (Alison Golden) Break Free From Emotional Eating
Nate Miyaki The Truth About Carbs
Ari Whitten Forever Fat Loss
Stephen Reed The Lean Fast Diet


If all you want is a copy of PHD for $0.99, visit Amazon.com (or other ebook sellers) on Monday to purchase Perfect Health Diet: Regain Health and Lose Weight by Eating the Way You Were Meant to Eat:

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  1. or Tue 20th

  2. Oops. Thanks Darrin. It’s Tuesday.

  3. Paul, are you familiar with any of these books? Any must owns for people that love health and aren’t looking to lose weight?

    • I’ve read and enjoyed Foodist, although the food recommendations are not exactly compatible with PHD. I have not read Bailor’s The Calorie Myth but he is basically a low carb advocate that is convinced that calories don’t matter. I prefer Lagakos’ Poor Misunderstood Calorie to Bailor’s work.

  4. Hi Paul,
    I work out nearly every day, but my HDL is very low – 45 (American units), despite being able to obtain a very good Crossfit score. My total cholesterol is 200, though, which seems very good. Can you think of why my HDL would be so low?

    Thanks for your work.


  5. in case you missed it Paul,
    CK gave you a name check in a recent post here;
    some of the text;
    …If they’re extremely low-carb, they can become ketogenic, which means you start producing ketones. Paul Jaminet was one of the first people to start talking about this a few years ago.
    But there are several studies that suggest that Candida and other yeast can actually thrive on ketones. So this is one of my biggest problems with a very low-carbohydrate diet—GAPS, SCD or even sort of typical Candida diet—that removes every possible source of glucose or sugar in the diet. That can lead to ketone production.
    Then there are studies, for example, that show that neutrophils, which are white blood cells, are less able to kill Candida when ketones are present.
    There are studies of diabetic patients with ketoacidosis—you know, a lot of ketone production—developing Candida overgrowth.
    There are studies of obese people developing Candida infections when fasting causes ketosis.
    There are studies showing that serum drawn from fasting patients is less protected against Candida than serum drawn after meals, and that antifungal drugs, and I would assume botanicals, tend to work better in a fed state than a fasted state, where ketone production would be occurring.

  6. Very disappointed to find out that in the UK amazon offer PHD for £7.19 and the 0.99 cents offer is USA only 🙁

    However (don’t sweat) I just found a copy on a very popular torrent site !!?? 🙂 for free !! 😉

    Thanks anyway looks like a great book

    Andy Greenhalgh

  7. I don’t see the discounted book. I’ve bought around 20 books for friends and family over the past few years, but I wouldn’t mind some $1 ones for holdouts. When I go to the Bucks Book site I don’t see it and when I go to Amazon, I don’t see a discounted price for Kindle.

  8. The book doesn’t seem to be listed in the days sales. Many of the others are available, but not PHD. Is there anything we could do?

  9. if outside the US, there is one way you can do this…
    frowned upon by Amazon.
    & i would probably only do this if you use kindle software on a PC & download. ie. not if you use a manage/hard device.

    …Just log in to Amazon & go to ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’ & populate your ‘Country Settings’ details to a US address.

  10. I hope to be able to read the book. I am constantly looking for a good book that can motivate me even more to have a healthier lifestyle.

  11. … time for another ebook sale Paul ? 🙂

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