Tuesday Sale: Perfect Health Diet for $0.99

As part of the Buck Books Weight Loss Event, you can buy North American ebook editions (Kindle, Nook, etc) of Perfect Health Diet all day Tuesday for just 99 cents. Link:

If you haven’t yet bought a copy of the book – you should! We never repeat book content on the blog, so even if you’ve read all our blog posts, you’ll find lots of new material in the book.

And the book’s advice produces excellent results. Here is a sampling of recent Amazon reviews (last 6 months) in which readers mention their health results:

  • This diet works really well for me. My energy level has increased.… I also have a more positive relationship with food now…. It is the least restrictive diet I’ve come across. – sdstudent619
  • The diet is working out great – ended up with the lowest triglycerides of my entire adult life for my physical exam bloodwork after only a couple of months! – Dan Chung
  • The foods I crave and love most are central to this healthy way of gaining proper nutrition. Not so strange as it sounds now that I understand the science behind it. – Jo J Pihl
  • I lost over 15lbs – and I was not even trying to lose weight – I was just trying to improve my overall health. Never thought about watching calories through the process. My weight settled into a nice range and has stayed there without effort for months so far. – Gene
  • I have made many changes in my diet based on the recommendations in this book, and I already see positive results, such as clearer thinking. – A. Lee
  • I feel better, have lost weight and believe I’m smarter about what I eat because of this book. – Jberto
  • As a Biologist I DO heartily recommend this book…. Your body will start reacting almost immediately (within days) for the better and at last will be totally satisfied (which is the reason cravings will be eliminated). – Annemieke Akker
  • This book is great. I’ve been on the diet for about two months and have already lost ten pounds, and I feel a lot healthier. – Taylor
  • Lost already 12 pounds in 6 weeks. Simple advice with big impact. – Charlie
  • I have been waiting for this book all my life. I have tried every diet with no success. I knew there had to be a diet that was nourishing but also did not create constant cravings. I have been on this diet for just a few days, but already feel much better and have less cravings. – Healthy pursuit
  • I have been low carb for a couple of years but after the first 40 #s I am just stuck…. After I got the book I started immediately with adding potatoes and rice and lost 2 # this week. – Mary Joe Fant
  • It’s been said before…but it really is the sanest book on health. No exaggeration or gimmicky ideas, just very sound and practical information that completely makes sense. I am rereading for the fourth or fifth time and still having dozens of epiphanies. This is one book I am buying for as many loved ones as I can convince to accept it. I started on zero-carb, lean-meat-and-veg Paleo, and became painfully thin and developed some health problems, and now I have gained weight, but in a good way–I get some compliments on looking toned or, once, to my surprise and delight, like a runner (though I exercise little). And I have fixed several other problems. I am just dying to give this to everyone … I really can’t understand how this book is not the most popular health book in existence. – Mallory Osugi
  • Great info on healthy nutritious eating. My weight gain stopped and I have more than enough energy to exercise. I don’t feel constantly starved or missing smth. – Amazon customer
  • What a good book. I`ve had problems with my body weight for almost 7 years – lost quite a few kilos after a fast and could never regain them back /so I`ve been underweight for all this time/. What`s more, if had a flu and lose lets say half a kilo – I couldn`t get it back. And that has been going on since 2007. Had several lots of medical tests – nothing wrong could be found apart from chronic gastritis (NOT H. pylori). I`ve tried numerous supplements, numerous dietary modifications, gym, gym+calorie counting – probably everything that sounded reasonable/without being stupid:)/- unfortunately nothing worked. I was forcing myself to eat large portions 4-5 times a day just to hear comments from my friends how skinny I was and that I was probably not eating enough (a friend told me ones that if I was kept on going the way I did I would probably disappear at some point in the near future). My energy level was also quite low – something that was never the case before 2007. Anyway – in January this year I dropped down to 60kg /on 176 cm frame/ and at that point I came across the book ‘Perfect health diet’. As soon as i got onto the diet I started putting on about a half a kilo per a week until i reached my perfect weight ~ 74kg/ of course I was going to a gym as well/. My energy level skyrocketed and I was able to do harder workouts compare with when I was a student 16-17 years ago. So in my case – the diet worked and I would highly recommend it (I used Macadamia nut oil as a staple oil – the highest in Monounsaturates and relatively low on saturates( read tons of literature about the saturates – there is still some controversy:)/ and fish as main source of protein /I dont really like meat/. The theory in the book makes pretty good sense – the evolutionary theory, the body needs for Carbs/Proteins/Fat ect. Some of the studies quoted can be questioned but still you can find others on pubmed that back up the theory. Overall – highly recommended book! — Nikolay K.
  • I just wanted to let people know that this is one of the best books ever written and should be taught in schools. It has changed my life for the better and you will see results straight away if you follow it. — Floyd Woolley
  • I’ve lost a fair amount of weight after reading this book and am feeling a lot better as well. – Wilmer (UK)
  • Life Changing!! At last a real understanding of how we Should see food. I’ve lost 14Lbs in 4weeks and my energy levels have improved, the recipes are tasty and would recommend this way of eating to be for life, not just for christmas (or after it). — Mark Barnes-Williams
  • Excellent Athletic Diet. So many Paleo or predominantly health centred diets largely neglect many aspects of diet that are needed for athletic performance, focussing solely on longevity, weight loss and chronic illness. Whilst the PHD covers all these areas extremely well it also tailors its advice for users wanting to compete at a high sporting level and use diet to optimise performance. So far the PHD has done this for me, all my performance based markers have improved and in the last month my bodyweight has increased by 7 lbs. It really is perfect. – Ryan Mounsey

Enjoy, and thank you to all readers who leave Amazon reviews!

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  1. It’s a shame, but it seems the offer is not available here in Spain.

    From the BuckBooks page:
    “*Due to multiple time zones, currencies, countries, and varying file size, the books in the current event may not be 99 cents. There are many factors out of our control, but we do our best!”

    Good initiative though!

  2. The Buck Books site isn’t listing PHD and the Amazon link provided doesn’t show .99. Any ideas? The other books listed all show .99

  3. Your book is NOT showing for $.99. Others are.

    • Are you outside North America?
      Alas I think it is unavailable to those of us outside NA.

      I will try again later…here’s hoping

  4. The book still shows up for $13

  5. yeah, it’s not showing outside US 😕

  6. I’m inside the US and it doesn’t show for me either.

  7. I’m in Canada and it’s showing up on Amazon as $16… Any ideas?

  8. the link takes me to Amazon but the book is not .99. I am definitely in NA.

  9. The link takes you to Amazon, who charges 13.99, not .99.

  10. I’m in the US and it’s $13

  11. Doesn’t show up either on Amazon or Buck Books? I live in Florida, definitely part of the U.S. last time I looked> 🙁

  12. You have to subscribe to the Buck Books program first. Then they send you an email which you have to confirm. Then you can buy PHD for .99.

  13. Sorry everyone! Simon and Schuster made a mistake and is working on correcting it. We will join the $0.99 cent sale … not sure exactly when it will start.

    • Got the book! Thank you! Downloaded the Kindle app for free from Amazon. Just goes to show you, sometimes the best things in life are (almost) free.

  14. Amazon works now and I didn’t need to sign up at Buck Books.

  15. It’s working! Just bought it for .99. Thanks!

  16. Still not working for me… Would love to have this book…. Up in Ontario

  17. Thank you! After buying and giving away four copies of your book, at least I can’t give this one away!! :mrgreen:

  18. i think it’s a kindle thing…?….
    i am outside north america,
    & the book in kindle book is not available to buy at any price for me,

    i see the book on Amazon fine, & have options to buy the hardcover & paperback,
    but as for the kindle edition,
    it reads “This title is not currently available for purchase”

  19. if outside the US, there is one way you can do this…
    frowned upon by Amazon (you may get an email from them. ignore it).
    & i would probably only do this if you use kindle software on a PC & download. ie. not if you use a manage/hard device.

    …Just log in to Amazon & go to ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’ & populate your ‘Country Settings’ details to a US address.

    i am not recommending that you do this. just putting it out there.

  20. I have the hardcover and have read it many times, but it’s so convenient to have it on kindle now too! I’ve purchased Russ Crandall’s kindle book as part of a prior Buck Books event, along with many other good ones, some of which I got for $0 due to the additional Amazon promos that sometimes apply. What a great deal!

  21. I am from south america and for me all the books of the Buckbooks page are available for 0.99 at Amazon, except Mr Jaminet’s book

  22. The ebook is even more enjoyable to read than the hardcover. Thank you both for helping us all be healthier and happier than we ever thought possible.

  23. Hi Paul,

    Care to put up a recommendation for circadian rhythm friendly, blue light minimizable, ereader?

    For example addressing screen type/technology like e ink etc.

    Maybe you could put it on your rec page.

  24. It’s 7:03 pm PST Tuesday and the Perfect Health Diet book is showing up for $13.99, NOT the sale price of 99 cents.
    Hope they have the sale again.

  25. Hi,
    I am currently a good chunk of the way through your book and I was browsing through the reddit AMA you did a while back and saw this comment: ” For instance, in women especially a high omega-6 diet will deposit fat in the abdomen, a high saturated fat and omega-3 diet will deposit fat in breasts and butt.”
    I was just curious if you had ever done a more thorough write up on the subject, I attempted to search for it but couldn’t find one. Thanks!

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