New Podcast: Entrepreneur Fitness

I’ve been focusing more on lifestyle in podcast discussions lately, including in a conversation with Brandon Epstein of The Entrepreneur Fitness Podcast.

Brandon has been busy, so our conversation is currently #9 in his iTunes list (dated December 19, 2014).

We do mention the Perfect Health Retreat in our conversation; to learn more about that, click on the image to visit our FAQ page:


  1. Good podcast, as always.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Any comment on the new Jama study:
    “Whole Grain Intake and Mortality: Two Large Prospective Studies in US Men and Women”?

    It is making my husband think we should eat brown rice and give our kids some oatmeal, but I’m not convinced. Would love your opinion!


    • Hi Jen,

      I don’t think this is anything new. People who eat whole grains have always been health conscious and have much better health than the general population; people who don’t eat whole grains eat a lot of junk food, smoke, don’t exercise, get divorced, etc. The study authors try to correct for a lot of confounders but since all the confounders are highly correlated with whole grain intake, any outcome can be plausibly generated. About half the models will end up showing that whole grains and harmful and half that they are beneficial. The authors have to end up choosing the models they think are most plausible. In this case, the authors chose models that assign the benefits to whole grains, rather than to the confounders.

      Doesn’t mean they are wrong but from the PHD view, there are no nutrients in brown rice and oatmeal that you can’t get from other PHD foods. So it’s not likely that they’d be beneficial to PHD eaters, given a constant starch intake.

  3. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your quick reply, makes sense to me! I guess I struggle a bit with starch and my kids because they don’t like potatoes or sweet potatoes, and I don’t want to have rice every day. They get most of their carbs from fruit, so I wonder if they are a bit high on fructose? Otherwise, I use tapioca flour in baking for buns and cookies and muffins – do you know of any dangers of too much tapioca flour?

    Second question – we eat Pacific wild caught salmon twice a week. Do you have any thoughts on mercury in salmon for young children (ages 2 and 4) or radiation from Fukushima?

    Third question – I’m reviewing all your supplement guidelines in your book so I can decide on supplements for my children. Would I just scale the adult dosages based on their body weight? If we are not eating liver (my husband won’t tolerate it) but do eat shitake mushrooms and dark chocolate for copper, should we still take a zinc supplement, or is eating beef 3-4 times per week enough?

    Sorry for the barrage of questions, I am a huge fan and have been saving these questions up!


    • did you ever find an answer to supplements for children? I’m doing a scaled back C, D and K, since they seem safe and important to immunity/bone development.

  4. If you aren’t an iTunes user like myself. Here is a direct link to the .mp3 from an official RSS:

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