Perfect Health Retreat

Come to a luxurious setting on one of America’s most magnificent beaches to experience a special vacation, a week of delicious food and healthful living, and an education that will prepare you for a lifetime of superb health.

A Perfect Health Retreat offers:

  • A daily educational program led by Paul Jaminet that comprehensively explains the dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle program that has grown out of the Perfect Health Diet.
  • Personal health coaching before, during, and after the Retreat from Paul Jaminet and Laura Schoenfeld, including personalization of the PHD advice and troubleshooting of health issues.
  • Cooking instruction and delicious Perfect Health Diet food prepared by Shou-Ching and her team of supporting chefs. Guest chefs have included Russ Crandall, author of The Ancestral Table.
  • Three daily movement sessions led by Perfect Health Retreat trainers, covering modes of movement appropriate for early morning, late morning, and afternoon, plus a one-hour one-on-one postural, gait, and breathing assessment with Head of Movement Jae Chung. Our movement classes provide a comprehensive course in how to move, exercise, and heal.
  • A nightly class in relaxation, stress relief, and healing.
  • Free time to enjoy the beach, ocean, heated salt water pools, salt water hot tubs, and other amenities of two luxurious beachfront homes.

Perfect Health Retreats have compiled a remarkable record of transformative health improvements and dramatic weight loss.

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We are taking reservations now for the next Perfect Health Retreat to be held April 30 to May 7, 2016. Don’t miss this opportunity! To inquire, please contact Paul Jaminet at and 617-576-1753 or Whitney Ross Gray at and 910-763-8530.


Perfect Health Retreat … 254 N. Front St, 4th Floor, Wilmington, NC 28401 … 910-763-8530.
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  1. I can’t find anywhere that tells the cost of the retreat. Also, where is the location at?

  2. I also would like more info like the cost of the retreat. where is it?

  3. Hi Annie, Lori,

    The retreat will be on Figure Eight Island, Wilmington, NC. This is a private island of luxury homes. We’ll be in one of the nicest homes — Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger used to vacation there.

    Cost varies from $2700 to $6600 per person depending on the quality of the room. I’ll have details up in the next day or two.

    Best, Paul

  4. UPDATE: Cost of the retreat is available on the Rooms & Rates page,

  5. Do you have to have a health issue to join the retreat?

  6. Hello Paul,

    What is the duration of the retreat in May?

  7. Can participants stay less than the two week duration? Say one week, or ten says?

    • Hi Des,

      We want everyone to stay for the full two weeks. UPDATE: That was in May 2014. For October you can stay for the full 2 weeks or for 1 week programs Oct 4-11 or Oct 11-18.

  8. Hi Paul,

    This sounds great, but not many people can take a two week vacation. That is a long time to be away from work and family/kids. Would love to see a one week retreat, or even a long weekend min retreat option.

    • Hi Laura,

      Yes, that’s true. We’ll create one week or long weekend events at some point. Thanks for the suggestion. UPDATE: The October retreats support one-week stays.

      Best, Paul

  9. I would like to know if the fee of $2000.00 for offsite participants includes all the meals and cooking classes.?
    also It seems that the only room left is the one with single beds. is that intended to be co-ed, or all women/all men, depending on who signs up first?

    • Hi Annie,

      Yes, offsite participation includes the meals and cooking classes, the exercise classes and personal training, and the science educational classes, as well as all other activities. However space is limited, mainly due to parking limitations at the Hock. We may need to require carpooling by offsite participants.

      Yes, the only room available is the shared room, bedroom 7. At the moment two women have reserved space in this room. Our thought was that unused beds in bedroom 7 would be taken by resident staff – probably Shou-Ching and myself, and Laura Schoenfeld. However, if there is a desire for this to be a women-only room, we could accommodate that – Shou-Ching and I could take a hotel room off-island.

    • Hi Annie,

      Bedroom 7 will be women-only.

  10. Hi Paul and Shou-Ching,

    I’d like to attend a retreat. I would be in my 27ft. RV Class C. Is there the possibility of finding a parking space for it anywhere near the retreat facility, or how far away is the nearest parking area or RV Resort?
    Thank You,

  11. Do you recommend protein shakes? If so, what brand or type do you recommend. I have read recently that rice (especially brown rice) may be contaminated by arsenic. This is disturbing, as I thought brown rice was one grain I could safely eat.

    Do you have a newsletter I can get via email?

    • Hi Rima,

      No, we don’t recommend protein shakes. We recommend food.

      We recommend white rice, not brown rice. If it’s from a good location, like California and many Asian growing areas, arsenic levels will be safe.

      We’ll be launching a newsletter in the next week or so.

      Best, Paul

  12. Hi Paul and Shou-Ching~
    My husband and I had purchased your book a few months ago, and I had been reading your blog for awhile. We have fully implemented the PHD way of eating and it has been about three months now. It has made a big difference for us both, in improved health and weight. I have had no more heart palpitations, and my leg cramps have subsided. (and i lost 4 lbs) The reason I am writing is that I had my blood work done, and wanted to share the results and letter from my doctor’s office. When I first read the letter regarding the results, I was like “WHAT?” and my husband said, “Relax, re- read chapter 41 ( of PHD) on blood lipids”, so I did, and I feel so much happier now!! But, check out the letter I received from the health care provider…nothings changed in the world of doctors yet!

    8/19/2014 4:42 PM PDT

    Your most recent lipid tests have been reviewed. The results of your cholesterols are:

    Total cholesterol (ideal is under 200): CHOL 219 08/14/2014
    Triglycerides (normal is under 150): TRIG 57 08/14/2014
    HDL (good chol., goal is above 40): HDL 87 08/14/2014
    LDL (bad chol, goal is under 130): LDL CALC 121 08/14/2014
    If you have had heart disease, stroke, or diabetes, your LDL goal needs to be less than 100.

    Your HDL is good, but LDL could be better.
    Therefore, following a low cholesterol diet is strongly recommended for you. You can get more information and diet handout by attending our low cholesterol lifestyle class by calling xxxxxxxxxx Please reduce refined sugary and fatty food intake such as cake, donut, etc. to reduce triglycerides. Omega -3 over the counter can also help to reduce your Triglycerides.
    Please also stay as physically active as possible to increase your good cholesterol HDL. Walking 20-30 minutes 5 days per week is also strongly recommended for you if not already doing so.

    Please repeat your cholesterol test in 1 year.

    Ok, (I am 63, 5’2″ female, weigh 124) my triglycerides lower??? Really?? Do they read these things?? Over the counter Omega 3?? Do they read anything that came out after 1972????
    My husband and I have both had significant improvement on your Perfect Health Diet and were low carb before so enjoyed the addition of the safe starches. Thank you for such a great, great book!! Especially now that my readings are well within the ranges as stated in Chapter 41!!! Thanks again!! You are changing lives and saving lives!!
    Best always,

  13. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for all you do and this wonderful information. I was wondering, in regards to your retreat, do you ever give scholarships? I am a single mom and first grade teacher on the Cali coast where the prohibitive cost of living takes all of my paycheck. I would absolutely love to come to your retreat, if there were any way possible. I have recently been diagnosed as allergic to, well, pretty much everything. As a result I am developing health issues,including obesity. Please let me know if there is any opportunity for someone such as myself.

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  15. Hi Paul, do you offer retreats outside of the USA? What do you recommend for all your European followers? I’m a British citizen living and working in SE Asia. To attend your retreat it would cost me more than £5000! I’m also a single working grade 1 teacher and parent. I’m not interested in a scholarship but do you not tour and offer would wide retreats?

    • Hi Jessica,

      We don’t offer retreats outside the US yet. It’s considerable work developing a new location and training a local staff, so it will be some years before we do, if we do.

      I did try out the idea of a portable mini-retreat, we called it the Perfect Health Seminar and did one in Pittsburgh which went well, but that didn’t quite make sense as a business at this time. We may bring that back later.

      Hopefully air fares will get cheaper and you’ll be able to take a US vacation and join our retreat!

  16. Can I have a job? Can’t afford this, but wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed the book and your talks on videos from some of the conferences. I’m doing well on the diet and feel wonderful!

  17. My wife suffers of fibro and we would like to send her on a retreat so she can control the pain, her diet and she can relax. Please be so kind to send me the information how to make an appointment.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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  19. Sounds great! I have a friend who’s looking for a vacation just like this. I will surely inform her and hope she will love this.

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  23. Did I see recommendations for beach shoes appropriate for the retreat (women’s sizes)? Thought I did…Now, I can’t find it!

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  25. Paul!

    I think I could use ”
    •A nightly class in relaxation, stress relief, and healing.” RIGHT NOW!!

    Is anyone else who has paid to attend the upcoming retreat asking questions about the weather, road conditions, if we will be able to get through to the location ( by car), if the show goes on???

    Is my paranoia starting to show?

  26. Martin Tornberg

    Does anyone know of any paleo-friendly retreats or resorts or vacations available in late December, ie between Christmas and New Year? Or over Thanksgiving weekend?

  27. Hi Paul

    When is the next retreat to be?


    • April 30-May 7. There is a discount for reservations made by Dec 31.

      • I would very much like to find out exactly when & how much, and sign up right away! Where can I find the rest of these details? Thank you!

        • Hi JHS,

          Email me at To sign up, place a reservation deposit of $900 – I can arrange that. If the deposit is made by Dec 31, the cost is $2950 for a single occupancy room or $2250 per person for a double occupancy room. Dates are April 30-May 7 in North Topsail Beach, NC. Pricing is all-inclusive and includes transport to and from the airport in Wilmington NC. Feel free to ask me anything!

          Best, Paul

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